Dutch Food You Must Try in Amsterdam

Food is my favourite thing. And every time I go away I always try to eat the traditional food. Amsterdam is no different!

From mini pancakes to bitterballen, Amsterdam offers the hungry weekender lots of unique culinary experiences. Do not go home without trying at least a few of these traditional Dutch foods.

1. Poffertjes from The Pancake Bakery

Poffertjes via Wikipedia

Poffertjes are basically baby pancakes covered in butter and powdered sugar. What could be better?!!


2. Cheese from The Cheese Museum


Not only will you find ALL the cheese here in so many flavours that you didn’t know existed and the bonus is that you can also try all of the cheese.


3. Stroopwafel from Street Vendors

Stroopwaffle via IAMSTERDAM

The smell alone will draw you in. Grab a Stroopwafel from any street vendor and an array of cafes across the city.


4. A burger from Burgerfabriek

Burgerfabriek via Sophie's Suitcase

You’ll definitely be able to get a decent burger in Amsterdam but Burgerfabriek is a little gem we found on our first night in the city. AMAZING.


5. Eggs Benedict at The Lobby

Amsterdam Sophie's Suitcase

The Lobby’s breakfast menu offers something for everyone but the Eggs Benedict really take it up a notch.


6. Bitterballen at Café de Tuin

Bitterballen via Wikipedia

You can’t visit The Netherlands without eating some bitterballen, which are basically mini croquettes, so mini deep-fried gravy bites (not bad, right?).


7. Beer, beer, beer at every pub, bar and restaurant


And lastly wash it all down with a beer, and then maybe another, and another.


I am now off to eat lots!

Have you tried any of these foods in Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @SophiesSuitcse!

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