Italy Concerts: Music Lovers Guide to Italy

Italy is a wonderful travel destination. It has something to offer every type of traveller, especially music lovers. I’ve been planning my dream wedding recently and Italy keeps cropping up as one of my favourite destinations. I am also super eager to visit Rome and Naples and eat all the pizza, but we are yet to book any flights now we have a wedding to plan!

I’ve pulled together a list of special musical events you can enjoy while staying in Italy and as you will see, music is a very important part of life, in this wonderful country so why not indulge a little in their traditions whilst visiting this magical country. Here are five of my favourite Italy Concerts….

Verona Opera Festival

Enjoying opera in Italy

At the end of the 16th century, the first opera was performed in Italy. From that point on, the Italians were hooked. Almost immediately, the Italians fell in love with opera. So, you can enjoy a performance in most parts of the country. The list of possible opera venues includes Lucca, Torre Del Lago, Florence, Venice, Naples, Sorrento and Rome. It is possible to pre-order tickets for operas in all of these places, from Opera Tickets Italy.

 Verona Opera Festival

Every summer, the romantic city of Verona plays host to opera’s biggest stars. It is a fantastic event that is quite unlike anything else you will have experienced before. Most of the performances take place in the ancient Roman amphitheatre. It is a unique setting that has a very special ambience, which is one of the reasons the performances are so memorable.

The New Generation Festival in Florence

This festival celebrates classical music. Every year, the best young musicians and singers gather in Florence to perform and learn. There are workshops for all kinds of classical musicians. When they are not in class, many of the young musicians busk in the street. There are plenty of ticketed events for everyone to enjoy. This is a great way to see the rising stars of the classical music world.

Rock in Roma

Every year, in June and July, Rome is turned into a rock music destination. Since 2002, some of the biggest bands in the world have been performing at this festival. The event takes place over the course of a month or so. Over the years, the festival has been held in various parts of the city. But, it seems to have finally found a permanent home in the Capannelle Racecourse. If you do decide to go, make sure that the accommodation you book is close to public transport that will take you directly to the venue. The racecourse is located about 30 minutes from the centre of the city, so doing this is actually quite important.

The Jazz Festival in Perugia 

For 10 days in July, the small village of Perugia is transformed by what is said to be the world’s best jazz festival. It is a huge event that has grown at a phenomenal rate, since it was first held in 1973. One of the nicest things about this festival is that many of the venues are relatively small and intimate. Being able to get up close to the musicians is one of the reasons so many people come back to this festival, year after year.

More events

In the past decade, numerous towns and cities in Italy have started their own music-themed festivals. Some are still quite small and intimate. Often these are the most enjoyable ones to attend. Generally, they are well marketed, which means that it is relatively easy to find out about them online.

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