The Ultimate Guide to Ibiza on a Budget

When planning a sunny getaway to the White Island, a budget is essential. However, have no fear, with the Ultimate Ibiza Budget Guide bought to you by Sophie’s Suitcase and Together Travel you’ll come armed with a plan in mind. Pick from three easy budgets below and get ready to take on the very best Ibiza has to offer – however much you have to spend!

From penny pinching to pound torching, there’s an Ibiza budget for everyone. After all, partying is a human right…right?

Ibiza on a budge

The Thrifty Ibizan: £50 a day

The Thrifty Ibizan – the ultimate super saver – rises with the sun to hear the birds chirping as they head downstairs to the pool for a nice breakfast they’ve already prepaid for with their all-inclusive packages.  But the glamour stops there…

Lunch for them is a baguette from Spar and slices of mozzarella and parma ham, washed down with a litre of water. But hey, it took less than €5 out of the budget and everyone needs water to ease the pain of last night’s hangover anyways. Dinner, however, is pure perfection: a €2 slice of pizza, a bottle of cheap Spanish beer, a group of mates on the beach and the Thrifty Ibizan is living it up to the glow of a mind-blowing sunset.

Who says you need to spend money to have fun in Ibiza? From cliff diving, to lying on the beach, to exploring the old neighbourhood – Ibiza offers a host of free activities. Just remember the Thrifty Ibizan won’t even be looking at the drinks menu at Space, let alone ordering one.

  • €5 food
  • €15 pre-drinking alcohol
  • €30 to spend in a club/at a meal
  • €10 for bus travel


The Understated Ibizan: £100 a day

The Understated Ibizan is all about good sense. Not overly tight with money, but far from excessive, they make an average budget look good and do so in style.

This Ibizan started saving before they even left home and now the results have paid off!

On this budget they can enjoy a nice meal out with friends two to three times a week, and maybe a taste of Spain’s authentic paella. Tuned into pre-drinking, the understated Ibizan saves money, spending as little as €15 for a litre of vodka and some mixers, and is able to take some valuable extra spending money out with them.

Once at the club, beach, pool, or whatever venue they end up at, the understated Ibizan has got about €20 each night to save or spend how they please on some ‘miscellaneous items’.

  • €10 food
  • €15 pre-drinking alcohol
  • €65 to spend in a club/at a meal
  • €10 for bus travel
  • €20 misc


Ibiza on a budge

The Ibizan High Roller: £120 a day

Welcome to the life of luxury: the Ibizan High Roller holds nothing back as they are ready to live it large.

While they may not be ready to dish out £2,000 on a meal at Ushuaia, they can certainly afford to sample some of Ibiza’s finest five star meals with their friends.

This is the ideal budget for those who really want to enjoy themselves while on the island. They rent VIP beds at pool parties, go shopping in Ibiza town, and buy themselves some class-A imported vodka.

However, this party-goer doesn’t forget they’re not made of money. With Bali beds on Bora Bora Beach costing a steep €250 to rent (without drinks included) the Ibizan High Roller heads to either the Jet Pool Party or Together Week’s trip to Ocean Beach when looking to buy a bottle somewhere.

On this budget, they leave €40 over a day for ‘miscellaneous’ stuff, giving themselves the chance to enjoy some high quality experiences with their mates and celebrate the finer points in life, finishing the trip with the ultimate blowout.

  • €20 food
  • €80 to spend in a club/at a meal
  • €20 pre-drinking alcohol
  • €10 for bus travel
  • €40 misc



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