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How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

IF YOU KNOW ME, YOU’LL KNOW I LOVE SLEEP. I get so disjointed when I don’t sleep I end up anxious and moody. There is literally no point in me getting out of bed unless I have had my…


How to Create a More Positive Life

As you might have been able to tell recently I have been taking steps in my life to becoming more positive and kicking anxiety’s ass! As it is Blue Monday on the 16th, and supposedly one of the most…



**If you don’t want to hear me talk about anxiety, switch to a different post Today was mean’t to be one of those days where you get shit done. Instead, I spent all afternoon in my bed crying. Why?…


When life doesn’t give you roses

Seeing as it is Depression Awareness Week I thought I would write this post a little different. I thought I would begin being more open about me, my life and my struggles. After all my life isn’t all roses…