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As you might know, if you follow along on social, I am currently in the process of buying a house. CUE SCARY THOUGHTS. And thoughts about adulting…

Yeh it’s all a bit fast it seems and I may seem young, but this is 7 years in the making. It’s such a new process for us, but we’ve been together four years and decided the rent we were paying could be better used on a mortgage. Since I was 18 and could earn, I have saved, saved and saved and saved some more.

I made the most of travel hacking my way through the world, I saved money throughout university, I have juggled multiple jobs, I have freelanced and now I can earn money from my blog too. We even moved back in with my parents to save as much as we could whilst both working two jobs each.

In December we found our dream house and decided to jump in. We both fell in love with the house and we didn’t want to miss out on the property to began the process immediately. Three months on, and we are hoping to be moved in by mid-April, after five months of living at my parents.

It’s a proper, grown up house, with two bedrooms, and three storeys, and has windows, doors and a bathroom. It’s a cute cottage in a village in Milton Keynes, and I am just bloody excited to decorate more than anything.

I’ll of course share more details when we’re in, and I will be putting together posts about our journey through the mortgage process, moving in, and decorating the house. However, in the meantime, I have been obsessing over interiors and decor; spending hours on Pinterest looking at beautiful kitchens, IKEA hacks and how to make the most of tiny spaces. I am excited to make this house our home, and for it to be an extension of us, and our personalities.

Here is some inspiration images off Pinterest that I love, and will be likely to attempt to implement in our new house. I can dream a little…


*CREDIT: Find all the pins on my Pinterest boards here.


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