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Have you been thinking of flying to work abroad? Have you heard experiences from friends who have made a great life working solo overseas?

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Thankfully there are many options now and more are likely to arise – even with Covid-19, there are still some countries looking to offer digital nomad visas in the coming year, beginning with Greece.

What are the best digital nomad jobs?

1. Website Developer 2. English Teacher 3. Influencer Marketer 4. Blogger 5. App Developer 6. SEO Specialist and more

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Most companies that employ people abroad provide training for the employees, training on the various products, help with organizing accommodation, full or partial financing of the flight ticket and more.

Best Places to be a Digital Nomad

1. Cape Town, South Africa 2. Medellin, Colombia 3. Lisbon, Portugal 4. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 5. Chiang Mai, Thailand 6. Mexico City, Mexico 7. Barcelona, Spain 8. Seoul, South Korea and more


To see how to become a digital nomad

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