Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

With everything so up in the air right now, destinations flipping from amber to red in a moment’s notice, and everyone’s plans in a state of purgatory, the idea of a staycation is becoming far more appealing.

Brush Stroke

If you’re looking for ideas that you can stick to without getting on a plane, read on.

1. Go camping

Camping is an easy option for many holiday goers. Pack a bag and head in any direction. You can follow a trail like the North Coast 500 and make a road trip of your holiday, discovering gems all over the country.

2. Head on a city break

Now that things are starting to open up, there’s finally something to do in the city. The clubs, the museums, the gigs, the restaurants: they’re all coming back.

3. Abroad, but not abroad

And if none of that suits you, you can dupe yourself into going abroad. Take a sleeping pill, get on a train or ferry, pretend it’s a flight and, wow, suddenly you’re in Japan or Portugal.

4. Go on an adventure

One of my favourite spots for a UK staycation is the Lakes! When it comes to rest and relaxation, you will struggle to find somewhere more relaxing than the lake district.

5. Off to the beach

Are you looking for a weekend UK staycation? Use this Cornwall itinerary! And make a weekend break in Cornwall top of your list.


To see full list of top tips for planning a staycation.

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