Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

If you live in Europe, you will probably be aware of the impact the music can have on everyone on the continent. 

Brush Stroke

Europe’s musical history is rich and varied, from classical, to 80s synths, to Swedish pop domination.

Where to go for music in Europe

One of the best ways in which you can analyse how music is performing in certain countries, is by looking at social media.

How to experience music in Europe

International Festivals What many Europeans often look forward to each year, is festival season. For those in the UK, it means attending Glastonbury or Reading & Leeds.

Island Concerts

Speaking of touring across the continent, many choose to visit small party islands for weekend long raves

Travel Tours

Whilst the main purpose of music was for creatives to help bring joy to people, it has, as the years go by, become a place of history. This has led to travel tours which take tourists to iconic places connected with the musician.

Best Destinations to go for Music in Europe

1. Italy – Mina, Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini and Adriano Celentano 2. England – Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Blur and Arctic Monkeys 3. Sweden – ABBA, Avicii, Agnes Carlsson and Robyn


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