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Brush Stroke

Travel blogging is a journal that the whole world can read and it is the main reason behind me setting up my own travel blog.

Brush Stroke

So if you’re looking at doing it on a regular basis and enjoy writing, then here’s how to create an online blog to fund your travelling.

1. Decide on a Blog Name

You also want to consider your blog name because it’s important that it’s catchy and memorable. However, there’s also a risk of creating a name that is too complicated or not something you can easily spell out.

2. Pick a Design for your website

There are some that spend thousands on web designs and others will use pre-made templates that can be used by hundreds of others who wish to purchase that same design.

3. Post Consistently

Consistency is key but that also goes hand in hand with quality. You want to be posting a certain amount of content each week or month and when it comes to posting, make sure you post at the same time or day.


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