Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

Last month I set sail from Southampton on the incredible Celebrity Silhouette, part of the Celebrity Cruises family. I was on one of their 3-night A Taste of Luxury, giving us the perfect escape for a few days off the coast of the UK, stopping at Dover and Dorset.

Brush Stroke

This particular cruise is a great trip for new cruisers to join, to get a taste of what cruising is like, but has also provided myself with an opportunity to get back into cruising slowly.

The stateroom

Often overlooked by guests, your stateroom is your haven and your own personal retreat, and for me it’s incredibly important to get the right stateroom when cruising. And when you are cruising it really is the little details that make a world of difference during your stay.

The food Speciality restaurants Le Petit Chef

On our first night onboard Celebrity Silhouette we dined at their unique one-of-a-kind Le Petit Chef. A dining experience like no other, Le Petit Chef is where augmented reality meets luxury cuisine to create a fine-dining experience.

Complimentary restaurants Oceanview Café

The main café onboard Silhouette is amazing, with food from all over the world and so many different cuisines to enjoy. It was also open all hours and was a great place to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks throughout the day.

Entertainment and activities onboard

One of the best things on offer when cruising is the array of entertainment and activities available for guests whilst they are onboard. Whether you like to indulge in food, sport, relaxation, games, or education, there are endless cruise activities aboard every Celebrity ship.



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