Ziplining in Saint Lucia


On our third day in Saint Lucia we jumped in a taxi and headed 30 minutes from St James’s Club to Rainforest Adventures to go ziplining in Saint Lucia! In the UK I’ve spent a lot of time at GoApe swinging from the trees, but always in a forest or park, such as the one at Woburn Safari Park. I knew that this style of zip-lining was going to be completely different!

Situated in the highland community of Chassin, in Babonneau, Rainforest Adventures offers visitors a unique opportunity for full immersion in the island vibrant rainforest life. Guests can choose to amble along different things to do in St. Lucia, such as eavesdropping on nature’s conversations along the nature trail, soaring up and away through the forest canopy on gondolas, or thrill-seeking on a zip line, gliding from platform to platform, high on the stoic trunks of the ancient sentries of the rainforest. The unique and memorable adventure inspires a sustainable use of the environment and appreciation of the local culture while making a positive impact on our communities.

We opted for a little bit of both, taking the gondola from the bottom of the rainforest, through the five layers of the canopy, before heading off to do some zip-lining. The Rainforest gondola transports guests up and away from the heat and bustle of the lowlands to an ecological park located in the heights of St. Lucia’s forest reserve, with views across the rainforest and as further afield as Martinique, the next island along.


When you reach the top, you quickly jump off the gondola and head off on a 10-minute walk to the first zip-line base. We then spent the next hour and a half walking between stations, getting buckled in, before they pushed us off the platform in to the rainforest. As you jumped off the platform and headed off in to the rainforest it was no wonder people compare the experience to being like Tarzan and Jane.

The wind rushes through your hair as you descend in to the luscious and green forest, as the sunshine hits your face, before you land at the other end of the line with a small jolt.

We really love spending the morning up at Babonneau with Rainforest Adventures and it created some funny memories on the GoPro for us to watch back!


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Thank you to St James’s Club Morgan Bay and Travel St Lucia for hosting such a wonderful stay on the island paradise of Saint Lucia!

TO BOOK: St James Club, Morgan Bay – Saint Lucia – – 01245 459 906 – [email protected]

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