Why There’s More to Wellington

Wellington is more than just a political capital city; the city has expanded over the years to become an entertaining and interesting travel destination in its own right. There is so much to do and see across the city and it is brimming with activities, places to eat and a vast array of culture. Sitting at the south of the North Island it is also the first place people arrive in after coming from the South Island from the ferry at Picton. I was definitely surprised at how much I loved this entertaining city and I found myself wanting to come back soon time soon!

Bay of Islands

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Go up to Mt Victoria lookout

For a readily accessible viewpoint of the city, harbour and surrounds, venture up to the lookout at the top the 196m Mt Victoria, east of the city centre. I was told there was a bus but we decided to walk it, and earn some extra calorie points. And if this just doesn’t put a sweat on you go and climb Mt Kaukau – it’s an even higher viewpoint that’ll blow your socks off!

Visit the ZEALANDIA Karori Sanctuary

You can’t get more New Zealand wildlife than Zealandia! The sanctuary looks at an in-depth look at how the iconic bird life of NZ existed before affected by the influence of mankind. The sanctuary is a vast sanctuary set within a valley that displays 80 million years’ worth of the country’s natural history from the prehistoric past all the way up to the country’s colonisation by humans all just 10 minutes from the heart of the Wellington. Feast your eyes on an array of forests, lakes and streams that provide as an enjoyable environment to explore the various wildlife offerings.

Get an inside peek at The Weta

Are you an avid film buff? Then come face to face with some of the characters, props and displays from your favourite movies in the brand new Weta Cave. It is home of the Academy award-winning digital special effects that created some of the great movies such as Lord of the Rings and King Kong. It’s on the corner of Camperdown Rd in Miramar.

See the animals at Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo was New Zealand’s first zoo and one of the most highly regarded wildlife attractions in the country. So if you’re a lover of animals it’s a no-brainer to pay a visit. The zoo offers a wide array of wonderful and weird animals from all over the world and focuses on providing an interactive and immersive experience while still keeping conservation efforts at the forefront.

Ride the historic Wellington Cable Car to the Botanic Garden.

Jump on a cable car and take to the skies! A must do for any visitor to Wellington is taking its iconic cable car. Its iconic cable car system is both a long-standing symbol of the city and a great way for getting to some of Wellington’s key attractions while taking in great views along the way. It is one of the best ways to see the full panorama of Wellington and its surroundings.

Great food!

Now I am huge lover of food and when we went wandering we found so so many restaurants and bars but we also found Wellington night market which had some of the best selection of snacks and dinners I’ve ever seen. You wouldn’t expect somewhere like Wellington to be as renowned for their catering but they are amazing for foodies!

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