My Wellbeing Bucket List for 2018

With the new year approaching there’s no better time to start planning your wellbeing for 2018. I had a really great year in 2017 for my mental health, and it comes down to the fact I prioritised my mental health above many other aspects of my life. I want to ensure I continue this good practice for the foreseeable future and therefore wanted to put together a little wellbeing bucket list.

I have teamed up with Inntravel, specialists in slow holidays to talk about my wellbeing goals for 2018, and how I believe walking has influenced me this year.

Take a slow holiday in the new y ear

I love walking, and in 2017 I realised just how much it was good for my mind and body. It clears my head, gets me back to nature and ensures I am enjoying light exercise at least once a day. New Year is the perfect time to escape and book a walking holiday, and I will be booking through Inntravel, specialists in slow holidays, where walking is the focus. New Year walking holidays offer a warm getaway from the British winter, how they’re a great start to all travel and fitness related resolutions and much more. Instead of spending your New Year at home mellowing out from eating all the mince pies, why not book a walking holiday instead.

Continue exercising

This year saw me finally get back on the bandwagon with exercise. Ever since I shattered my elbow two years ago I struggled to get back into exercising, and really had doubts if my arms would be able to take the strain of weight training. Alas, they did, and my personal trainer Abi has shown me how strong our bodies are. I train with her once a week, and she really pushes my body, and my mind.

Ensure I reserve time to rest

One of the most important lessons I have learn’t this year, is that resting does not make you weak. Resting is good for you, and your mind and body. Always being on the go has its benefits, but if you are tired or unwell, that’s no good to anyone. I have been ensuring I reserve time to rest, put my feet up and spend a whole evening doing no studying or blogging. It means my brain gets a night off once a week!

Keep reading books that inspire me

Being dyslexic I was never a big reader, and my dad always used to read to me instead. As I have got older I have begun to realise the potential benefits for my mental health when I read books. It gives me space to tone out, time to be creative, and spend time for me. And I don’t mean just fiction either, one of my favourite books like year was MAD GIRL by Bryony Gordon, a book I really related to!

Yoga, yoga, yoga

You know…. the benefits I have found include better sleep, more alert at work, I am less stressed and I find life more enjoyable. Simple!


*In collaboration with Inntravel.

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