Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

Isn’t travel just the best thing in the world? And on my bucket list, like millions of others, is a round-the-world trip, which is where this planner comes in.

Brush Stroke

If you want to go for one month or over a year, with some great advice, detailed research and these top tips can make that happen!

Rent A Campervan

The campervan will give you the spontaneity to move around as you wish and you will be able to choose how short or long you stay anywhere.

Airbnb can be a great way to find cheap accommodation, but because it is not costly does not mean it is not good.

Use Airbnb

The big cities are the costliest part of any country and although you might want to wander into one for a day to see the sights, generally you should try to avoid them.

Avoid The Big Cities

The local supermarkets are more likely to be selling fresh produce that has been sourced in the region, and their own brand items are usually pretty good too.

Shop At The Local Supermarkets

Quite often when you are travelling you can find some work. Teaching English is a popular choice, especially if you are in China, Asia or South America.

Find Work

Souvenirs can be costly and they take up room in your case or rucksack. Don’t spend your money on them or burden yourself with more things to carry.

Leave The Souvenirs On The Shelves



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