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Rotterdam is one of the most underrated cities in the Netherlands and there are so many things to see in Rotterdam.

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Rotterdam is a major port city in the Dutch province of South Holland. The Maritime Museum’s vintage ships and exhibits trace the city’s seafaring history.

Modern architecture and street art

The Rotterdam street art scene should be on your wish list as well. You can find them all over town, especially close to central station and at the Witte de With street known for its cafes and bars.

Historic Delfshaven will offer you a glimpse of Rotterdam before the war. The canal, old houses and characteristic bridges will probably remind you of Amsterdam.

The historic monuments no-one visits

The Wilhelminapier is just across the Maas river at the other side of the Erasmus Bridge. It’s home to The Rotterdam and other modern skyscrapers.

Upcoming Wilhelminapier in the South

It feels like a different city with its local village vibe. You’ll probably find any tourists here, but the locals love it all the more.

Vintage and local beer in Rotterdam-North

The botanical garden of one of those old villa’s is now a park museum. The lush gardens are home to unique trees and offer a green oasis in busy Rotterdam.

Monuments and forests in Kralingen

The city is packed with amazing restaurants like Vegan Junk Food Bar for the best vegan burgers, Guliano for the perfect Italian sandwich, and Bertman’s for fancy healthy food.

Places to eat in Rotterdam



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