Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

If you're looking for the best things to do in Whitstable then keep reading. I have covered all the best things to do including, surfing, eating oysters, fish and chips, salty sea air and beach huts.

Brush Stroke

It’s well worth the journey as there are some amazing things to do in Whitstable and some incredible Whitstable restaurants too!

Eat oysters from the Forge

The Forge has local beer and the freshest fish and chips – perfect for any trip to the seaside! You can sit down to enjoy your oysters or you can grab and go!

The beach is mostly shingle, but it’s easy to walk on and gives you some amazing views of the sea, and beyond.

Go for a walk along the beachfront

The huts are situated just metres from the beach in the centre of Whitstable offering sea views of the Thames estuary and you can hire some of them out for the day.

Take pics outside the colourful beach huts

Once at the Forts you have roughly 10 to 15 minutes on location for pictures up close from a full 360-degree sweep and then its full speed back to Whitstable.

Go on a boat tour

Whitstable Harbour Market is an open-air showcase of locally-created, British made, premium and hand-crafted goods and fine art.

Explore Whitstable Harbour Market

The coffee here is strong and is ethically sourced – and you can also buy books here, so you could sit and read a book if you have more time.

Grab a coffee at Blueprint Coffee



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