Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

The island is full of history, culture, rugged landscapes, exotic local dishes, and fun activities in Aruba.

Brush Stroke

There are some incredible Aruba snorkeling beaches where you can find white sand, clear blue waters, and warm temperatures. And the marine under-water world is amazing!

Arashi Beach

The beach is an amazing snorkeling beach, with lots of underwater marine life, including coral patches, angelfish and goatfish.

The beach was busy with locals, the waters were clear, and there was an array of marine life to spot. 

Baby Beach

Not far away from Catalina Cove is the bay of Tres Trapi. The gorgeous cove is a rocky area, with ocean water in the middle, and there are steps for a safe entry and exit.

Tres Trapi

There is a vibrant coral reef that’s easily accessible from the beach, with both hard and soft corals, tropical fish and sometimes even turtles!

Malmok Beach

The lagoon has a thin ocean inlet where incredible marine species live and swim safely among the mangrove trees making it a perfect location for snorkelling, scuba diving, paddle boarding and much, much more.

Spanish Lagoon

One of the best beaches in Aruba and is one of the most famous due to its white sand, clear waters and the iconic famous divi-divi.

Eagle Beach



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