Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

If you’re a photographer, you probably have a specific “eye” for certain things. Maybe you like to focus on nature. Or, maybe you choose to capture people in candid moments.

Brush Stroke

Whatever the case, you’re undoubtedly always looking for the best places to set up a great shot and capture a perfect moment. 

The Jurassic Coast

It’s over 150km long, with shorelines, rock formations, arches, and stacks that all differ from one another. Simply put, it’s a nature photographer’s dream come true. 

It’s very easy to get to, and there are actually quite a few places to stay. You could plan an entire trip around this area and go up and down the coastline to find the best spots.

This location features plenty of rolling hills and valleys as it’s at the very southern end of the Pennines.

Peak District National Park

It was the first national park in the UK, so whenever you choose to go there for a photo excursion, you’re not only taking in nature, but you’re showcasing a bit of history. 

If you're looking for something a bit different, consider Bamburgh Castle. It’s on the Northumberland Coast, and is a great natural subject for beautiful, historical-looking photographs.

Bamburgh Castle

You may not be able to get too close, but that’s half the fun. Being able to shoot it from unique angles provides a bit of a challenge that most photographers love.



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