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Brush Stroke

Osaka is the third biggest city in Japan, it offers a completely different atmosphere than Tokyo. But to really experience this vast city, you must do your research and use this Osaka itinerary.

Brush Stroke

From trying out Osaka’s delicious cuisine (including Takoyaki and okonomiyaki) to gazing at the adorable turtles at Shitennoji Temple, Osaka is filled with an abundance of extraordinary things to do.

Day One

After arriving at hotel, head over to Osaka Castle. Spend some time walking around the entire park, admiring the towering castle from multiple angles, before exploring the interior of the ancient castle.

Find a nice restaurant, and eat some lunch. Take a train to Minoo Park. Spend a couple of hours completing the Minoo Park hike, admiring the waterfall, streams, and beautiful forests surrounding Osaka.

After having a slow and relaxing morning, head to Shitennoji temple. Spend some time touring its grounds, and admiring the turtles in its pond.

Day Two

Walk over to Tsutenkaku Tower, visible in the distance from Shitennoji temple. Explore Shinsekai, and choose a cheap spot for lunch.

After a small breakfast, jump onto a train headed to Nara. Walk over to Nara Park. Buy some deer crackers from a vendor, and start feeding some deer; this is a great time to take some adorable pictures.

Day Three

Find a nice restaurant near Nara station for some lunch. Return to Osaka. Get off at Osaka-Umeda Station, and explore the nearby malls and shops for souvenirs.



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