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Are you new to hiking? Don’t worry if the answer is yes, as I have all the best hiking tips for beginners.

Brush Stroke

Here are some tips and tricks you could employ to help you stay safe on a solo day hike as a beginner. If you plan well, you will be out there weekend after weekend as long as the lovely weather holds.

1. Research, research, research

If there is one word of caution you should really take to heart, it would be to do a little digging online before setting your sights on a trail you’d like to explore solo.

2. Line up emergency contacts

This brings us to another of the most important items on your safety checklist. Always line up at least two emergency contacts who will have your itinerary.

3. Prepare nutritional food

As far as food goes, you should always carry enough nutrients for energy to last an extra meal or two in case you should get stranded along your path.

4. And don’t forget water

Water can be a bit heavy so it will take some extra planning, but there are ways to carry an extra bit if you keep some in a canteen around your waist, for example, and another couple bottles in your backpack.

5. Pack light (but planned)

For example, you should at least have a small first aid kit with you on the off chance you get cut or stung by an insect you may have an allergic reaction to.


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