Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

If you love hiking, then you’re probably already thinking about climbing Scafell Pike. Known as England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike is a force to be reckoned with.

Brush Stroke

Scafell Pike is situated in the stunning surroundings of the Southern Fells in the Lake District National Park, climbing it is a rite of passage for anyone who loves walking.

The easiest route up Scafell Pike is Brown Tongue route, as it traverses the same route back, but they are all of varying difficulty. 

Route Planning for Scafell Pike

The time that it takes to climb Scafell Pike using the Brown Tongue route really depends on your ability and the number of stops you have on the way.

Timings and distance

The Ascent

There’s nothing like the view of the Scafell pike summit to really spur you on…that and a couple of fizzy sweets for an energy burst whilst climbing Scafell Pike!

The Scafell pike summit is covered in stones and boulders and there is a sort of shelter there too which has been built from these.

The Scafell Pike Summit

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