Brush Stroke


Brush Stroke

There are a lot of ways of travelling the world, including bucket list adventures, backpacking, luxury, tour groups, and expeditions. You might also want to go it alone, and see where you end up.

Brush Stroke

It is clear that tours are a great way to go – and if you are keen to try and plan for some for your next holidays, then there are many that you might want to consider.

Castle Stays On The Emerald Isle

This is one place that everyone should visit at least once, and it is the kind of nation which you will find to be full of a fascinating array of experiences and people. 

Tick off a visit to this awe-inspiring piece of ancient architecture steeped with history on this ultimate tour through China with Cosmos.

The Great Wall of China

This is one of the most fascinating cultural and historical sights that the USA has to offer, and it is certainly a top of the list of things to see in the states.

The Stories of Alcatraz

One of the most thickly steeped historical sites in the world. Rome is the birthplace of Western civilization, so it’s hardly surprising that there must be so much to talk about there.

Historical Rome

If you are keen to see plenty of the city and do something a little different in the process, then you might want to consider one of the many alternative London tours that are always available.

Alternative London

The stunning sights and landmarks of Rio must be seen at least once in a lifetime. Highlights of the trip also include walking tours in Buenos Aires with visits to the Metropolitan Cathedral and Recoleta Cemetery.

Rio and the Iguazu Falls



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