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Brush Stroke

Lake Bled is an increasingly popular tourist spot in central Europe! The incredible surroundings of the Julian Alps and its magically clear water make it one of Slovenia’s most desirable destinations.

Brush Stroke

There are lots of fun things to do in and around Lake Bled. The area is a tourist destination and is now famous around the world for offering visitors some of the best lakeside views.

Row a boat across the Lake

The tiny island in the middle is home to the Church of Mary the Queen, which you can explore once you’ve navigated your rowing boat across the river!

This spot offers you an incredible panoramic view over Lake Bled and its surrounding mountains.

Hike up Ojstrica Viewpoint

A ski slope used for winter sports. But throughout the summer it’s home to an amazing toboggan run. You can get to the top by either walking or taking the cable car.

Straža Bled Cable Car

The oldest castle in Slovenia is definitely worth checking out. The slightly challenging walk up to the castle takes around 20 minutes and brings you 130m above the lake.

Visit Bled Castle

Swimming is prohibited in some parts of the lake, but there are sections where tourists are actively encouraged to enjoy the refreshing, clear blue Lake Bled water!

Swim in the Lake

Marvelling at the smaller waterfalls and picturesque views. This crystal-clear water can look the perfect shade of emerald green or aqua blue depending on the light.

Check out Vintgar Gorge



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