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Brush Stroke

Aberdeen is Scotland’s biggest city outside the central belt, and it is an amazing city full of culture and history.

Brush Stroke

Despite its reputation as the ‘grey city’ due to its granite architecture, there are so many things to do in Aberdeen and beyond.

Aberdeen Beach

Yes, a beach in Scotland! And it’s just outside the city centre, also called the Esplanade! It has a few beachfront shops, cafes and even an art-deco style ballroom.

There are many buildings here with a long history surrounding the regions past, including political and economical. There are also lots of places to grab coffee, food and brunch.

Old Aberdeen

There’s lots to do inside, as well as a collection of maritime artefacts, paintings, and touch-screen computers, make the material come to life.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The focal point of the college, as well as it’s oldest building, is the late 15th century King’s College Chapel. An amazing addition your list of things to do in Aberdeen!

King’s College

Many Aberdonians consider Marischal College to be an icon of the “Granite City” and to symbolise the zenith of Aberdeen’s granite-working industry.

Marischal College

The chilled-out Seaton Park is the cities calm place, with lots of places to walk, run, wander and relax.

Seaton Park



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