17 Best Workouts in London

The sun may have disappeared by it’s still warm, and the sun is trying to fight its way through those dark looking clouds. As summer draws to a close why not book yourself into an exercise class with a difference in one of Best Workouts in London. 

From Wake Up London to Poleography, and from Zip Fit Club, to Airborne fitness. There are so many amazing fitness classes in London to enjoy, both in the summer and all year round. 

And if you fancy something a little bit different, you can try Aerial Hoop with Flying Fantastic, or Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School Regent’s Park. For that ultimate core, workout try Hulafit, or FloatFit and for the zen try fitness classes such as Rooftop Yogarise, Voga or Barrecore. 

Whether it is doing yoga on top of the Bussey Building, or Wake Up London classes on John Lewis’s roof. Where do I sign up?!

Here are my 17 Best Workouts in London…


17 Best Workouts in London

  1. Wake Up London
  2. Yoga with Phoebe
  3. Poleography
  4. Zip Fit Club
  5. Airborne fitness
  6. Aerial Hoop with Flying Fantastic
  7. Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School Regent’s Park
  8. Hulafit
  9. FloatFit
  10. Rabble
  11. Rooftop Yogarise
  12. Voga
  13. PHIIT
  14. HIIT the Roof
  15. Kayaking
  16. Barrecore
  17. Seen on Screen Fitness

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Top Fitness Classes in London

Best Workouts in London

Wake Up London

There’s not much you can’t do on London’s rooftops – and now you can add boxing to the list, thanks to the Wake Up London classes on John Lewis’s roof. Run by Hex, the 45-minute morning sessions combine boxing with high-intensity interval training. Phewf! If that won’t wake you up, nothing will.

Yoga with Phoebe

Phoebe Greenacre is a vinyasa yoga teacher based in Dalston London. She hosts weekly yoga classes for a small class of 5. Her style embodies a feminine slow flow yoga class with elements of yoga she has picked up around the world during her travels to 50+ countries. Expect good vibes and personal touches like a head massage in an intimate home studio setting. Classes are £10 and you need to book in advance and you’re welcome to stay for a cup of herbal tea after. For more info, visit her website.


Explore pole dance technique and choreography while focusing on movement, musicality and emotion. Working on choreography on and off the pole learn to move in new ways creating shapes and movements to complement your pole tricks.

Zip Fit Club

No one wants to spend hours in the gym, so keep it short and sweet (okay, short and sweaty) with Zip Fit’s 30-minute workouts in Hyde Park. Designed for those working at a desk all day, the lunchtime classes combine cardio and bodyweight resistance. Do your colleagues a favour and have a quick shower afterwards, yeah?

Airborne fitness

If you can find an exercise class you don’t completely dread, you’ve won half the battle. And who could dread jumping around in a room full of trampolines? That’s the idea behind Airborne Fitness, at London’s first-ever trampoline park. The class takes place over 50 trampolines and gets participants bouncing through a range of movements, including tuck jumps, side-to-side leaps and 360-degree spins.

Aerial Hoop with Flying Fantastic

The aerial hoop is a circular steel apparatus rigged from the ceiling, giving you the opportunity to execute dynamic tricks, spins and swings. The hoop provides the perfect frame for an endless variety of balances, transitions and routines.

Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School Regent’s Park

A flying trapeze school that sets up camp on the north-west side of Regent’s Park for the summer. Expert acrobats teach all sorts of fancy tricks on the highly-strung bars, and even beginners are aiming to be ‘caught’ by the hands of a (trustworthy) instructor by the end of their two-hour session. This counts as exercise right?!


HulaFit is a fitness class based on hula-hooping – it was created in 2013 by Anna and Rowan Byrne, who, both have extensive experience in the fitness industry, as well as being the creators of the London Hoop Fest. The aim of the HulaFit class is to create an environment that is as focused on the ‘Fit’ as it is on the ‘Fun’ – and it sells out every week.


Can’t decide between going for a swim or hitting the gym? Combine the two at FloatFit, where you’ll perform high-intensity interval training moves on an inflatable bed, floating in the water. The beds are anchored, but they’re designed to wobble a bit to make the workout more challenging. The 30-minute workout involves burpees, lunges and squats, all while trying your damn hardest not to fall into the water. But you almost definitely will so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.


Trick yourself into getting active at Rabble’s outdoor games sessions, where they sneak HIIT into old-school playground games so you can work up a sweat playing dodgeball, British bulldog and capture the flag. Who knew getting fit could actually be fun? Find a class near you and book here.

Rooftop Yogarise

Let go of all that rush-hour rage and work on your downward dog at Yogarise up on Bussey Building’s roof. The sessions take place weather-permitting, so you won’t have to stick it out in the pouring rain, but you might be in for an unintended hot yoga class if London’s hit by another heatwave.


Voga is a tongue-in-cheek combination of yoga and voguing with a killer soundtrack. There’s a really positive atmosphere in class, and you’ll certainly work up a sweat. Classes start at £12 and are available at a variety of locations in London.


Despite what it sounds like, PHIIT is not just a gimmicky name – it’s a combination of pilates and high interval intensity training (HIIT), geddit? This hybrid workout uses a specially designed foam roller to add resistance to traditional pilates moves. And if that’s not enough of a challenge, they also up the ante with kettlebells, TRX and bodyweight circuits in a 50-minute class that combines fast and slow movements, but will keep you working hard until the end.

HIIT the Roof

Ditch the dimly lit spin studio and go for a cycle in the clouds. Well, almost. Rooftop bar Aviary is being transformed into an alfresco gym this summer, decked out with bikes, kettlebells and weights for a 50-minute workout – HIIT the Roof – that’ll have you spinning, jumping and pumping iron while taking in panoramic views. Classes start at 7am & 8am.


Get out and about on the canal and canoe or kayak to your heart’s delight. There are plenty of clubs and courses to choose from. You could take a tour as a taster and then find your local canoe club.


Barrecore is more hardcore than it looks. A combination of pilates, core conditioning, and stretching, it aims to strengthen and tone. You might even spot Jourdan Dunn in your class. Classes start at £28 a session, but are cheaper if you buy a bundle. There are studios in Chelsea, Mayfair, Kensington, Wimbledon, and Chiswick.

Seen on Screen Fitness

Whether you’re a self-confessed diva or you’ve got two left feet, Seen on Screen Fitness will get you dancing like your favourite pop artists. They run 80 regular classes every month, including hip hop, ballet barre and the excellently named ‘sass sessions’. Plus, there’s a changing rota of weekend classes, themed on the latest releases from the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna. If you’d rather not throw some shapes in public, they also offer online classes.


Which of these Best Workouts in London have you tried?


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Me and Theo had a spare Sunday last month so we decided to drive in to London and spend the day exploring the lesser known areas of London, including Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Brent. Columbia Road Market is London’s principal flower market devoted to selling plants, flowers, garden fittings and gardening equipment at reasonable prices and is the best flower market I’ve ever been to so it’s a must-visit if you are visiting London.

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