Top 7 Winter Travel Destinations

Everyone raves about the traditional summer holiday but the winter holiday is now dubbed even better with more people than ever taking a trip between November and January to somewhere magical. Whether you fancy a cold weather destination or somewhere scorching hot, there are so many places on offer to experience the winter season.

I’m a frequent traveller during the winter months and have travelled to a wide of array of winter destinations including Berlin, London, Finland and Australia. Need some inspiration? These are my top seven winter travel destination…


Winter Europe Destinations

Siem Reap

Cambodia may not be the first city of everyone’s list for winter but Siem Reap is a great country in winter too.  The weather doesn’t change dramatically and it is generally quieter as millions head of Australia for the summer season. Why not spend your Christmas Eve walking through the temples of Angkor Wat or grabbing some street food on Christmas day. Why not?!


This unique city is the perfect place for those who don’t want to spend a fortune – hotels are reasonably cheap, food is cheap, the flights are cheap. Budapest is also great in the run up to Christmas with an incredible Christmas market and the city is alight with candles and fairy lights. Make sure to include a visit to Szchenyi to experience the thermal baths, including the heated outdoor spa where you can sit in the warm whilst it snows above you!


Now this is simply a must visit destination for me anyway, regardless of it being winter. But I’ve been told by Mel from Footsteps on the Globe that this place is even more magical if you visit at Christmas. It may be a pretty pricey trip but it is well worth saving those pennies and really indulging in all Iceland has to offer. There’s so much to do including the Blue Lagoon, Gulfoss waterfall and a trip to see the northern lights. You can also hit the slopes here, so if you want to extend the trip take your ski jacket.

New York

You can’t have Christmas without New York. It plays a large role across all the famous Christmas films so why not go and visit this magical city for yourself? There is lots going on as well from outdoor ice rinks, to Christmas markets, carol singers on every corner and the millions of people dressed as Santa. If you visit in the midst of winter you also might get some snow!


What winter? If you would rather put away the bobble hat and gloves then why not grab some winter sun in Mexico. Cancún borders the Caribbean Sea and is known for its beaches, numerous resorts and energetic nightlife. Cancun is also a famed destination for students during college’s spring break period but luckily you’ll miss this chaos.


There is no better way to spend your time than with a beer in hand in one of Europe’s most cultural city. Berlin isn’t the cheapest but in winter you can grab a hostel room for around 40 euros a night and a beer costs about 4 euros. It’s the perfect trip for a two day trip, you can read here about my 48 hours in Berlin last January. And if you need something to do there is an amazing Christmas market, alongside all the other attractions such as East Side Gallery, DDR Museum and Berliner Dom.


Another city I want to visit, the capital city of Denmark is an affordable one to reach thanks to budget airlines from across Europe. This might be your saving grace as Copenhagen isn’t the cheapest for hotels and spending money. There’s lots to see and do, alongside the buildings, boats and bicycles.

What are your top winter travel destinations?  Comment below your favourites!

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