11 Tips For Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling

‘Oh god, it’s only three months till summer!’ is what I screamed only last week. I knew I had only just over two months until Portugal and Skiathos only a few weeks later so I needed to up my game with getting fit, continuing to be healthy and toning up. I started Slim Fast a few weeks in preparation and decided to cut out alcohol on a temporary basis, alongside snacking improvements such as fruit, vegetables and protein fuelled products. Here is what I have been doing, and it seems to be working as I have lost 7lbs in four weeks already, whilst maintaining my energy levels and health. I will also continue my plan during my trips in order to maintain fitness.

 1. Drink all the water

Just drink water, in the morning, mid-morning, lunch time, mid-afternoon, with dinner and even before bed. The process of drinking equates to a similar feeling as eating, keeping you full for longer and hydrating you in the process.

2. Yoga yourself out

There is no better form of focus when travelling than yoga. I have spent many an early morning on the beach by myself doing half an hour of yoga in order find my calm and serenity when on the road.

3. Play the music!

If you are working out on your travels, it may be that you need a source of music. Headphones aren’t always the best way to get your dose of music as wires can obstruct your workout, instead why not invest in a lightweight quality portable speaker to play your songs. I have a great one from Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 which is wireless, has Bluetooth and even waterproof speakers that blast out 360 degree sound and come in a range of cool colours.

4. Lift, lift, lift

For year I spent my time in the gym doing cardio, and sometimes stretches with a yoga session and only recently have I begun lifting properly. I am even a trained Gym Instructor but never felt for my body weights was right, until now. Increases metabolism and beats the fat

5. Sleep more

As I said in another post recently, sleep is the most important part of the day. Did you know that six in ten people do not get enough sleep? Sleep is an incredibly important process the body must go through especially when it comes to a healthy weight loss.

6. Eat all the veg

Ensure you get all the nutrients you need by buying cold-pressed bottled juice such as those from Savse. They have a wide collection of juices from Super Purple, Purple Carrot and Protein Smash, all using natural ingredients, dosing you up with the vitamins and minerals.

7. Use your suitcase

You may not be able to get to a gym or go for a bike ride but you can use what you have available. Use your suitcase as part of your work out routine by doing planks, sit-ups and step-ups. Make the most of what ya got girls! My Kipling suitcase is great to working out with and on.

8. Invest in quality work out gear

I have invested more recently in some great quality work out gear from a range of brands, but I especially love the brand Fabletics for yoga and gym gear. I recently bought a pair of black KELLY leggings, and lightweight white tee for when I am spending time in the gym. Feeling good about what I am wearing really does motivate me to go more!

9. Eliminate sugar

Attempt to, if you can, to cut out sugar in everything. That means get rid of the sugar in the tea, don’t eat processed, snack on vegetables and fruit and

10. Protein power

Part of my own diet is having a Slim Fast protein shake for breakfast and sometimes lunch every other week. I have my shakes, alongside snacks including fruit, and then have a 600 calorie dinner. But I only do this every other week so my body doesn’t rely on the shakes. You can also find protein however in natural foods such a nuts, meat and seeds.

11. Get your vitamins and minerals

It’s important that if you are working out a lot or not getting your vitamins to find an alternative way of getting the minerals and vitamins your body needs. I take daily supplements such as multi vitamins, iron supplement Spatone, and Vitabiotics Wellwoman® drink sachets.


After all a healthy mind-set = a healthy lifestyle, so don’t punish yourself too hard if you slip up and still enjoy what you eat. You can eat healthy, and enjoy tasty food, if not more tasty.

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