Things to do in Brisbane Australia

Before travelling to Australia many don’t read, hear or speak well of Brisbane. Once known as being dull, lifeless and unsocial, Brisbane is now becoming a city of culture, whether it is art exhibitions, cultural shows, fashion events and social meetings. Also known as the Sunshine City, Brisbane also stepped into the international spotlight this year, as host to the G20 Summit.

Battling against lively Sydney and the cultural Melbourne, Brisbane tends to get forgotten about. This doesn’t even take in to consideration the tourist spots along the East Coast including Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef and The Whitsundays that take priority with many travellers. It was always suspected as a city that didn’t have much going on, but today it’s a haven for tourists and it’s a city that is now beginning to excite people.

Brisbane Australia


The big sell on Brisbane is its fine subtropical climate; it has an average of 2792 hours of sunshine a year and its leafy parks, with their 906 council-operated barbecues, match that climate. People in Brisbane love being outside and are always taking a break or a walking in their local park.

Imagination Explosion

Cloudland is an explosion of the imagination for texture and design! You can grab lunch or dinner and experience this amazing area of Brisbane – you absolutely must see this place before you leave this cultural city. There is a great nightlife crowd so get some drinks down you and let the night continue to the early hours.

Low cost living

Brisbane has a low cost of living in comparison to other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, and also benefits from a huge amount of spacious inner city environments including parks, recreational areas and outdoor social meeting places. Why not grab some lunch and then take in the views of the city skyline from the Southbank Park?

Adrenaline fuelled adventures

You must climb Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge for a glimpse of this amazing city. It may not be a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, but it still has some amazing views from the top and you can see views such as the Glasshouse Mountains and the World Heritage-listed Gold Coast Hinterland.

Brisbane Australia

Animal Magic

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is perhaps the touristiest place on this list, but it would be a shame to be in Brisbane and not take a stroll over to Lone Pine for a cuddle with a Koala or come face to face with a Wallaby. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a great place to do this and you can grab a photo and feed them too! There’s also a lovely ferry ride along the river to get there.

Relaxing in the sun

No longer do you have to journey out of Brisbane to find a beach and relax; Brisbane-ites they have their very own beach. The man-made beach is fully patrolled and free to use, and boasts a sparkling lagoon surrounded by white sand and sub-tropical plants. Have a swim and soak up the famous Queensland sunshine whilst you let all your troubles fade away.

Free transport

In Brisbane, City Cat is just part of the public transportation system, which is even better as it’s such an awesome way to get around the city. The views are amazing and the experience is one I wouldn’t miss! And to add to this Brisbane is one of the only major cities in Australia that is now offering free transport to its commuters and tourists, and this includes boats too!


Brisbane Australia

Of course a city can always improve and Brisbane’s downfall is its nightlife and after business hours opportunities. However, there’s no denying that Brisbane is a great city and more people than ever are falling for its culture, arts and business ethics. It goes to show you never really know what to expect until you’re actually there.

Brisbane is a great spot to visit whilst on your east coast adventure! Head up from Brisbane to explore Fraser Island, Whitsundays and of course the epic Great Barrier Reef! Need some help planning your trip? Hit up the guys at RatPack Travel for advice and they can get you 10% off all trips and transport using the promo code ‘SOPHIE10’ To book your tour contact Sammy at [email protected]

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