Skyline Gondola up to the Luge in Queenstown

When we arrived in Queenstown one of the first things we decided we just had to do was go on the Skyline Gondola and ride the Luge!

So when we arrived early Thursday morning and had the whole day ahead of us, that is what we decided to do. We checked in to our hostel at Nomads Queenstown and headed up to the Skyline reception area at the back of town.

After a rather steep hill climb, we bought our tickets for the Gondola and paid for two trips down the luge which cost us $42. It seems expensive at first but it can take up a whole afternoon and the views are just incredible from the top of the mountain.

The gondola was like any other gondola and from the cable car you couldn’t actually see much in the way of amazing views, however, once we reached the top we took a trip to the viewing deck and took some photos. The luge is then situated around the side of the mountain view restaurant and you are allowed to take your time jumping on to the luge.

We grabbed some helmets and jumped on another mini gondola lift which took us up to the luge starting line. How was it you may ask? It was incredible!

And I finished my two laps really annoyed at myself, simply wishing I had bought another ten laps when we originally paid!

A must-do for anyone in Queenstown!

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