7 Things I Cannot Travel Without

We all have those precious things that we love and won’t leave the house without, but these are the things I won’t leave England without.


1. My iPhone – I am one of those people who lives on their phone. But I use it for so much, I use it to take photos, make notes suddenly, use the calendar to stay organised and use all my social media channels for keeping in contact and updating my blog feeds. I love my phone, though it does need an update. It’s so slow at the moment! Any tips?

2. A guide book – Yes I’m one of those that carries their guide book with them, everywhere! I look like the typical tourist and use maps. But they are so useful when you can’t get internet and you are lost or want to find an attraction or landmark. Well worth the money! Try Amazon or eBay for cheaper versions.

3. Bikini (well a few) – A traveller I may be, but I love looking good too, I am also a fashion follower and love following the latest trends, A bikini is a must for wherever you’re going and I couldn’t think of a better day lying on the beach, with a cocktail and a stylish bikini.

4. My Sainsbury’s Cash Passport (Travelex) – This cash passport is quick, smart and cheap way to use your money from abroad and the bonus? It has no withdrawal fees, no currency change fees and you can top it up with a few simple clicks online anywhere in the world! Also if you run out of money your parents can top it up if needed!

5. My Filofax – I love it, when I am at home my iPad keeps me organised but when I travel my Filofax keeps me on top of everything. It has served me well and continues to last every trip. It helps me to keep track, store important information and to remember the trip in all its detail.

6. Converse – Converse white trainers are my one comfortable travel footwear which have been all across Europe and South East Asia and they may even come to Australia with me too. I’ve had them three years and they’ve lasted me well, maybe a new pair is needed.

7. Travel Insurance – I have luckily never had to use travel insurance. Touch wood, jinx, fingers crossed, blah, blah. But I always get it, and make sure you get insurance with all the added extras you may need too. You never know when you’re going to get ill or need something as simple as anti-biotics. Always read the T &C’s and deal with them directly to solve any unwanted problems.

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