How to prepare for your first Skiing holiday

Skiing season is approaching and if you’re off on your first skiing holiday, you are probably an equal measure of excited and nervous. If you have a trip booked, or if you are considering a trip very soon then keep reading. Before hitting the slopes for the first time there are certain tips you may need in order to have a smooth ride on the mountains.

Some people hate the idea of a skiing holiday, as to many a holiday should only consist of sunny weather, sandy beaches and sangria, but for others it is the perfect type of holiday, with action, adventure and adrenaline. Why not swap the sun lounger for the mountains in 2017….

Skiing and snowboarding can be addictive sports and can also be enjoyed by all the family, making a week away on the slopes the perfect, fun-filled family holiday. To get you prepared and excited for your time away in the snow, here’s just a few tips to get you fully prepared.

Layer up

It’s always difficult to know exactly how to dress for the slopes. On the one hand you’re out in the freezing snow, and on the other, you are doing an extremely physical activity. This is where layers become your best friend. Make sure you take hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers etc. You can always take them off as the day progresses. It is also a good idea to take a backpack, as you can put any discarded layers away safely as you ski.

Don’t forget sun cream

You may be on a winter holiday wrapped in hundreds of layers, but just because you’re not lying on a beach in your bikini, doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburned. The glare off the snow and bright sunlight all mean you are prone to a little bit of burn, especially on the face where you are most exposed throughout the day. Make sure to take a high factor with you and pack it in your handy backpack.

Borrow your equipment

Skiing and snowboarding equipment is very expensive to buy, so if this is your first skiing holiday, don’t shell out for a ton of your own equipment. All ski resorts have equipment for hire and you are sure to be provided with what you need when you get there.

Invest in lessons

We all have those friends or family members that offer to teach us how to ski and board, but it’s always best to invest in professional lessons. A certified ski instructor can help you spot any bad habits early on to make sure you can learn quickly and easily, and prevent you from injuring yourself. You can either invest in lessons when you reach your resort, or take a few lessons at your local indoor ski slope. Taking lessons and learning before you go will give you a lot more time to enjoy the slopes when you get on your holiday.

Get a hire car

You may choose to take your own equipment, maybe there’s only one or two people in your group that haven’t skied before and you already have your own skis. If this is the case, getting car hire from a company like Autoclick, can make transporting all your heavy equipment a whole lot easier. Renting a car will give you an added amount of freedom and it will also allow you to travel to places outside of your resort, if you fancy a break from the slopes and want to explore your location a little further.


Are you heading off to the slopes this winter? Let me know where, when and how much in the comments as I would love to go on a trip!

*This is a sponsored post with Autoclick, however as always opinions are my own and I would not endorse a brand I do not love or have not used before.

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