My Christmas Gift Guide: His, Hers, Travel + Experiences

How is it Christmas already? I am usually pretty organised at this time of the year, but I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. However I am most certainly getting in to the festive mood. I have had a Starbucks festive coffee, and I have already watched two Christmas films. Elf is next on the list! This weekend I started browsing sites ready for my friends and family, and this list is a round up of gifts for her, including some beauty, travel and book options.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


1. The Book of Everyone – The Book of Everyone helps people to easily create gifts that carry true emotional value. In the internet age ‘personalised’ products are everywhere and easy to find but personalised does not necessarily mean personal. The Book of Everyone enables anyone to create unique gifts for unique people, designed to show how well they know them. There’s the Book of Everyone, The Book of Mum, The Book of Dad and The Book of Romance (priced from £23.95), plus the Wise Words series for cat lovers, dog lovers, new parents, foodies and golfers (priced from £19.95). BUY HERE

2. Tisserand – Aroma Spa Diffuser – With this wonderful product you can create a delicate and fragrant atmosphere to suit your every mood with our Aroma Spa Diffuser. This modern aromatherapy diffuser combines an elegant lightweight design with all the benefits of ultrasonic aroma technology for a fine and silent mist that envelops a room. The diffuser has Ultrasonic Aroma Technology, Soft colour changing lighting and Air Humidification. BUY HERE

3. John Lewis Luna Star Print Pyjama Set – I’ve popped a pair of these wonderful pyjamas on my list! BUY HERE

4. FitBit Alta – A customisable fitness tracker designed to fit your personal style. Stay motivated by tracking all-day activity – steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. BUY HERE

5. El Camino Personalised Bracelet – Another product I love! El Camino bracelets are unique and are a representation of the path you’ve travelled around the world. The guys at El Camino love travelling, they know how addictive it can be and that’s why they started El Camino. Each country you’ve visited is an accomplishment and the country’s name becomes more than just a name to you but a memory of everything you experienced there. Your El Camino is a way to keep track of the countries you have travelled to. It’s a reminder to you, your friends and people you meet along the way of the memories you’ve created all over the world. BUY HERE

6. Tisserand – Your Feel Good Essentials Pack – Put your trust in our knowledge and discover how easy it is to use essential oils in your day-to-day life with this trio of mood-boosting oils. Choose from: Peppermint – Refreshing & revitalising. Helps to clear the mind & soothe the body. Perfect for massage or vaporisation. Rosemary – Enlivening & invigorating. Helps to improve memory & clear congested skin. Perfect for skin care preparations or vaporisation. Lemon – Zesty & uplifting. Helps to energise the spirit. Perfect for vaporisation. BUY HERE

7. Urbanista Berlin Earphones – Berlin is the ideal everyday earphone for wireless freedom. User-friendly Bluetooth earphone with a sleek design and a comfortable fit. BUY HERE

8. JML Finishing Touch Flawless The Discreet Hair Remover– Another amazing product from JML, I have this tiny product to hand at all times! Finishing Touch Flawless is the gold standard in hair removal for ladies for whom discretion and perfect, flawless results are a must. In today’s HD world with its endless ‘selfies’ we need to look close-up perfect at all times. The German-engineered micro-precision trimming head is safe to touch and encased in 18 karat gold plate for a beautiful look as well as the hypo-allergenic qualities that gold brings, meaning your skin won’t have any red areas or sore, irritated patches. BUY HERE

9. Bad Girls Throughout History – A collection of 100 revolutionary women, from pirates to artists, scientists to spies. Featuring beautiful watercolour portraits and illuminating essays by Ann Shen. BUY HERE

10. Pip & Nut – For the first time this Christmas, makers of delicious, all-natural nut butter, Pip & Nut, are launching the ultimate hamper for the nut butter lover in your life (£30). Not only does it contain six of their favourite flavours but for extra inspiration it comes complete with a must-have for every fan, The Nut Butter Cook Book, written by Pip & Nut Founder, Pippa Murray. The nut butters include the new limited edition in the range, Chocolate Orange Almond. Showcasing the brand’s flair for flavour, this nut butter features a festive combination of gently roasted almonds, rich cacao and zesty orange, to create a Pip & Nut twist on a chocolatey classic. Jars of this flavour would also be good for stockings! BUY HERE

11. UIIO Wine Purifier – If you know me, you’ll know how much I love wine. A true advancement, the Üllo Wine Purifier instantly restores the natural taste of wine. And it’s supposed to be great as lessening the hangover! A true advancement, the Üllo Wine Purifier instantly restores the natural taste of wine. The purification power of Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology combines with an adjustable wine aerator in a single, intuitive design that respects the simplicity and ritual of wine. BUY HERE

12. Superwoman Smartbox by Buyagift – Struggling to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life? Well fear not with buyagift – they have handpicked gifts from over 1000 Afternoon Teas, Spa Days and Adrenaline Adventures to choose from! I always buy these for my mum, friends and sister-in-law as it gives them choice! Whether the lady in your life loves being pampered, appreciates the succulent tastes of fine dining or gets her thrills from adrenaline-pumping days out, you’re sure to find the ultimate gift for her to enjoy. BUY HERE

13. Anthropologie Gold Tipped Cutlery – Stainless steel is submerged in gold plate to the handle. BUY HERE

14. Cook Yourself Happy: The Danish Way – Add some hygge to your life and learn to cook Danish style with this beautifully illustrated cookbook containing over 100 delicious Danish recipes. Promoting the very best of Danish cuisine, this is a mouth-watering selection of authentic, traditional Danish recipes, which have been handed down through the generations. Cook Yourself Happy is filled with enriching food that your friends and family will adore. BUY HERE

15. PopSockets – A PopSockets Grip is a small, customisable, and highly functional phone accessory that sticks to the back of your phone, or phone case – making those everyday phone tasks like taking a selfie, watching a movie or chatting to your friends on facetime a little bit easier. Ranging from £9.99 – £49.90 with designs to suit everyone and every mood. BUY HERE

16. M&S Letter A-Z Gold Alphabet Mugs – Elegantly designed fine china mugs, decorated in metallic gold decal in the letter of your choice. BUY HERE

17. PANDORA Christmas Collection – I have loved PANDORA for as long as I remember, and it’s a brand which has always stood out to me for being unique and special. For my 21st birthday the girls from university got me a ring and I’ve worn it ever since. It’s incredibly special to me, not because it cost a lot, but because of what it means to me. They’ve also got some amazing collaborations with brands like Disney! You can also celebrate the season with festive new PANDORA jewellery. BUY HERE

18. Design.ME – Design.ME Hair. Straight from the shores of Canada, the brand has imaginative, innovative and groundbreaking hair styling and care products that don’t only look good on your dresser but feel amazing in your hair too. They offer the very best formulations to give hair sheen, oomph and styling speed. The collection is vegan, sulfate, paraben, gluten and cruelty free too. BUY HERE

19. Women Of The World Calendar – Boasting 13 original gouache illustrations, this twelve-month calendar will inspire you everyday with its depiction of twelve strong, powerful women of the world. BUY HERE



Stumped what to get the men in your life this holiday season? Allow me to help! Next up, I’ve got one for you men! Or for the man in your life; dad, brother or boyfriend. From a chilli advent calendar to innovative technology, and Men’s Health subscription, I’ve compiled a list to suit all tastes and budgets….

1. Thule Vea Backpack 25L – These guys do some of the best backpack around! I recently bought for Theo the Thule Vea Backpack and it’s great for his never-ending travels for work. The rucksack-style backpack designed to transition between the gym and work while keeping active and professional gear separate. Features: Protect a laptop (15″ MacBook®/15.6″ PC) and 10″ tablet in dedicated, padded slip pockets, Keep work belongings safe in separate compartment with storage for laptop, tablet, files, pens, passport, USB, small cords and accessories, Discreetly store dirty clothes in expandable interior pocket and Store shoes in separate, expandable pocket, accessible from the outside of pack. Cinch pocket down to make more space when not in use. BUY HERE

2. Thirsti – Thirsti is a world-first personal hydration coach that monitors exactly what you drink throughout the day and giving you gentle reminders to help keep properly hydrated, which can help you feel more alert, reduce weight gain and improve your complexion. It works by placing a smart ‘puck’ into any water bottle, which uses patented pressure-sensing technology to measure exactly how much you have drunk. This is digitally connected to an app to give readings of your real-time consumption, progress towards your goals, and alerts to when you need to drink more. BUY HERE

3. Juice Pebble XL Power Bank – This little product is a dream helping me stay charged up when I am on the go. Lightweight and compact, this portable charging block is designed to easily slip into your hand luggage or suitcase. BUY HERE

4. Speeches of Note – From the author of the international bestseller Letters of Note, comes an obsessively curated, richly illustrated and sumptuously produced collection of speeches from throughout the ages. This is a wonderful book and one I’ll be gifting my dad this Christmas! Shaun Usher has spent his life hunting down the unique, the unusual, the unloved and bringing these words to the attention of his millions of fans. BUY HERE

5. Rock Rose Gin – Winter Edition – Rock Rose Gin is made with hand-foraged botanicals and for a truly festive flavour profile, the hero botanical in the limited edition Winter Edition Rock Rose Gin is spruce tips. This makes it one of the only gins in the world to be made from Christmas Trees. The original Rock Rose elements have been scaled down to allow the delightful earthy and slightly citrusy notes from the spruce tips to shine through. BUY HERE

6. Men’s Health Subscription – Men’s Health is a men’s magazine packed with expert tips and advice on everything today’s man needs to feel better, healthier, and happier. Whether you want to look your best in the style stakes or get stacked in 7 days – a Men’s Health magazine subscription is everything you need to live a fuller life. BUY HERE

7. BoTree Kampot Salt & Pepper – BoTree’s organic, ethical seasonings naturally and immediately elevate a dish’s flavours, and are loved by foodies in the UK and beyond (who are notoriously hard to shop for!) BoTree produces the ‘Champagne of pepper’ in Cambodia: Kampot pepper is considered by chefs (including Michel Roux, Jr.) the finest pepper and is the only PGI-rated pepper in the world. BoTree sells Black, White, and Red Kampot Pepper varieties, which have won 5 Great Taste awards in two years, as well as a variety of Kampot Pepper-based products. BUY HERE

8. JML Power Shell – This tiny little product is a life-saver! Power Shell is the rigid, smart wallet that keeps your personal digital data safe, blocks out any attempt to read your cards and even holds a battery to charge your phone whenever you need it. Power Shell keeps you and your identity safe by making sure that you’re never stranded without a phone battery to call home or call a cab in an emergency, as well as stopping would-be thieves scanning your wallet to gain access to private financial and personal data stored on your bank and credit cards. BUY HERE

9. Urbanista Berlin Earphones – Berlin is the ideal everyday earphone for wireless freedom. User-friendly Bluetooth earphone with a sleek design and a comfortable fit. BUY HERE

10. Tile Slim – Keep track of all the things that matter in the palm of your hand. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it. As thin as two credit cards—perfect for wallets, purses, laptops and anything with a slim profile. BUY HERE

11. Ocushield – Blue light is omitted by all digital devices, stimulating the brain and disrupting our sleep cycles – particularly in today’s younger, screen-obsessed generation. Ocushield is a medically registered blue light filter that can be applied phones, laptops and televisions. It was developed by professional Optometrist Dhruvin Patel to filter out blue light without affecting your screen’s display, or the need to be turned on or off, so parents can be sure their children are protected. BUY HERE

12. BELAZU Christmas Hamper – Winner of the Daily Mail’s “Ultimate guide to the best Christmas Hampers 2016” this hamper is amazing. It includes 11 products and a recipe booklet. BUY HERE

13. Ted Baker Antony Wallet – A sleek wallet perfect for a guy whose always on the go, and needs to stay organised. BUY HERE

14. Flic – The world’s smartest button which creates shortcuts for common tasks on smart devices wirelessly. An amazing innovative product! BUY HERE

15. The Big Chilli Advent Calendar – Embark on a world tour with the smoky Mexican chipotle, fiery Indian bhut jolokhia, and sweet prik chee fah from Thailand – without even leaving your kitchen. Are you brave enough to try Carolina Reaper, the world’s hottest chilli? BUY HERE

Additional: World’s Fittest Book – BUY HERE


*Some of these items were gifted to me as part of my request for items for the gift guide. I have included as I love the items, and wanted to tell you about them too!


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