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Going on a dream trip to The Maldives 

Heading off on a holiday in The Maldives? Then this guide is for you – packed full of information about my recent trip to The Maldives. A Maldives holiday is the ultimate goal for many couples and millions now spend the time in The Maldives. If you want the most epic trip, then an adventure in the Maldives is a must. A Maldives holiday incorporates luxury, relaxation and activities, as well as overwater bungalows, crystal clear waters, blue skies, vibrant marine life and activities galore. I spent nearly two weeks in the Maldives earlier this year, visiting a handful of resorts, so I can speak from my own first-hand experiences.

If you’re planning a trip to The Maldives, my guide is going to help you plan your trip, including when best to visit The Maldives, best resorts for a Maldives honeymoon, what to pack for the Maldives, weather in The Maldives, how to get to The Maldives and where to stay in The Maldives. The faraway dream-land of The Maldives is hardly easy to navigate for a first-timer, especially when there are hundreds of incredible resorts and hotels to choose from, so this guide will provide you with everything you need to know before you go on a holiday to the Maldives!

There are many companies offering Maldives honeymoon packages, but do your research and ensure you find a resort that fits all of your needs e.g. cuisine, tours, spa, size of the resort, underwater experiences. Some of the best Maldives resorts for your honeymoon, may not be the top 10 you see plastered across magazines and social media. I would recommend also checking out some of the smaller resorts, the more intimate resorts that offer that unique Maldives holiday. If you do your research you will be able to find some amazing Maldives offers and packages for couples of their honeymoon in the Maldives.    

Bournemouth Holidays: A Weekend at the seaside

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was to go on a Bournemouth holidays. And now we’ve got our own family, I wanted to take her to see what all the fuss was about. Bournemouth is located on Britain’s South Coast and offers visitors long sandy beaches, adorable beach huts, the Pier, art exhibitions, dramatic seascapes, tropical gardens, nightlife and traditional fish & chips. It’s the perfect place for a weekend break away with your partner, family or girlfriends. Whether you visit in the summer season or the Christmas period, Bournemouth has so much to do, all year round.

With staycations becoming more popular in recent years and a stay on the coast, one of the UK’s favourite types of holidays, Bournemouth is setting the standard for that great British weekend away. In the heat of summer, you’d hardly guess this was England. But Bournemouth is quite literally a hot spot – it gets warmer weather than most of the UK – and people are making it their go-to holiday destination. Alongside unspoilt coastline, and Blue Flag beaches, Bournemouth really is the coast with the most. —-> READ MORE

10 European Winter Destinations

Holidays aren’t just for summer, they can be taken in winter too. As winter sets in, the only thing you start to crave is another holiday. That’s why a winter city break is always a good idea. Good news, why not combine the two trains of thoughts (minus the sunshine) and arrive at something magical. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you’re looking for a travel deal. The Christmas/New Year’s holiday is the most crowded and expensive time to take a holiday almost anywhere. A Christmas holiday destination should be cosy, magical and if it’s snowy then that’s even better. But who wants normal? Here are my favourite 21 alternative Christmas getaway ideas. If this list leaves you feeling festive, then getting searching for flights there on Skyscanner —-> READ MORE

Choosing my wedding invitations with Theo 

If you didn’t know already – I GOT ENGAGED! You need to check this post out from January to read all about the proposal, but also keep an eye on more posts like this one called THE WEDDING DIARIES, if you are engaged or getting married soon. I will be documenting my entire journey throughout this mad process, from the engagement right up the honeymoon. One of my favourite things to do in life is organise, so wedding planning is one of my favourite activities at the moment. From excel spreadsheets, to venue visits, and from wedding dresses to choosing my stationery supplier, I am in my element. I have been so excited to start planning my colour schemes, fonts, stationary and decorations, and choosing my wedding stationary has been something I have been excited about since the beginning. Now that we have booked our venue, agreed on our guest list and established a basic theme, me and Theo have started the task of choosing our wedding stationary and we’ve opted to go with the wonderful team at Atelier Rosemood! —-> READ MORE

12 Steps to Becoming an Eco-Tourist

With the recent climate strikes taking place around the world, in relation to the ever growing anger around global government policy around climate change, I wanted to pull together a blog post about ecotourism, being an eco-tourist and how our decisions as travellers and humans, impact on the environment. After all travel and all that it encompasses is not the most environmentally friendly of affairs and therefore we should all be eco tourists in some sort of way.

As an eco-tourist you decide to travel in a way that shows respect to nature and does not contribute to its degradation and play a role in environmental conservation. Instead of taking, taking and taking from places around the world, we need to find ways to give back, and improve the quality of life for these places and people. It’s so important being an eco tourist! Ecotourism allows countries and communities to build their economies without harming the environment, which means that local wildlife can thrive and visitors can enjoy untouched destinations. —-> READ MORE


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A girls weekend in Lisbon

After spending 3 days in Lisbon last month, I fell madly in with this cultural city. I’ve pulled together a guide to a Lisbon city break and I’ve done all the research for you including where to stay, where to eat, what to do and how to get there. Three days is the perfect length of time to fully discover Lisbon and within these three days you can visit all of the main areas of the city, and the main tourist attractions. You can also grab yourself a famous pasteis de Nata, visit the imposing São Jorge Castle, take in all the views from the famous Alfama district, walk around Barrio Alto and take photos against the city’s pastel-colored buildings, and there is even enough time to see the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. This huge blog post will provide you with a suggested three day itinerary of Lisbon, which could be used for a short city break or as part of an extended tour of Portugal. And if you’ve got longer than three days in Lisbon, outside the city there is a string of Atlantic beaches, from Cascais to Estoril. Check out my guide to days trips from Lisbon too. – – – > READ MORE

11 Bucket List Experiences You Must do in your 30’s

There are a lot of ways of travelling the world, including bucket list adventures, backpacking, luxury, tour groups and expeditions. You might also want to go it alone, and see where you end up, following the road less travelled. However, for many people, it might be better to take tours around the world, and within local locations, as a means of getting to see the world and travel extensively. 

Or if you want to plan a long trip, you could choose to have some tours for some of it. In any case, it is clear that tours are a great way to go – and if you are keen to try and plan for some for your next holidays, then there are many that you might want to consider. Some even have international renown, so you know that you would do well by experiencing them. The quality of a guide can make or break a trip. These amazing tours, from around the world, are some of the best on the planet, and their expertise has helped countless travellers unlock some of the most remarkable places on the planet. Here are some of the best tours in the world….. —-> READ MORE

A Weekend with my BBFs in Dorset

At the beginning of the summer and my best friends headed down to the coast for a weekend by the sea and a well-needed catch up. For our holidays in Dorset, we stayed just outside the beautiful town of Bridport, in an adorable cottage on a working dairy farm, through accommodation provider Classic Cottages. We spent the weekend driving around Dorset, up and down the coastal roads, spending the morning at Durdle Door, the afternoon at Lulworth Cove, and then sunbathing in the sunshine in the morning at Hive Beach Cafe just down the road – – – > READ MORE

A Luxury Trip Vienna Austria

Vienna is the beautiful capital city of Austria and was one of the first European countries that I explored as a teenager on a trip to the capital with school. I then returned a few years later as an adult, and explored this wonderful city even further. Vienna is the largest city of Austria and also one of the historic cities through which the river Danube has passed along since time immemorial. The city has much to offer with imperial architecture, street-side cafes, coffee shops galore, cathedrals, open parks and green spaces, and the city also has a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are worth visiting. It’s more than possible to explore this compact city in 48 hours and make sure you grab yourself a Vienna Pass too, which you can pick up at the airport and then see as much as Vienna as possible. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out about our 48 hour Vienna Itinerary. This post includes travel tips, sightseeing and hotel guide for a perfect 2 day Vienna Itinerary. —> READ POST

5 Reasons to visit Norway

Of all the most Instagramable travel locations you can get to, Norway has to be one of the few hidden gems there still is. A land of stunning landscapes, cutting edge cultural venues and bustling cities, it can offer the whole package, whether you’re seeking an abundance of natural wilds, picturesque village or high adventure.

Either immerse yourself in the buzzing culture of Oslo or lose yourself in snow-capped mountains, incredible hot springs or dramatic gorges – this is a landscape that takes no prisoners. Better known as the Land of The Midnight Sun, Norway has never ending days at certain points in the calendar where the sun never sets and if you’re lucky enough to catch them, the Northern Lights will keep you glued to the skies with the most spectacular light show you’ll ever see. With great quality accommodation, fine dining, no shortage of adventure sports and landscapes to take your breath away, Norway could be just the destination you’ve been dreaming of. Knowing where to start is the hard part when there is just so much to see. —> READ POST


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