Monthly Favourites – March #12

I am afraid March didn’t end up being very exciting in the end. It involved a cancelled trip to Iceland, me completing my first assignment of my CIM Diploma and a work event in Manchester. The blog took a back seat as I struggled with my anxiety throughout March, broke down several times, cried a lot and sought help again in the form of therapy with a lovely lady called Lorraine. It was a month of ups and downs, but I am finally out the other end and beginning to feel a lot more positive. I have Iceland rearranged for April, and then I head to St Lucia in May, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


Completing my CIM Diploma assignment

Prepare yourself, I am going to swear. Thank fuck that assignment is over. When I signed up last year I wanted a challenge for myself, I wanted to learn and I wanted to try something new, but I had never realised how hard it was really going to be and how much of my time it was going to take up.

My first module has had me learning all about analytics and mastering metrics in a marketing scenario, I’ve read about 23 books, spent hours and hours online, mastered the correct way to do Harvard referencing and finally submitted my assignment in March, which was 28 pages long! I am going to take a small break before I start my next module so I can prepare myself better for the next assignment.


Spending the weekend at home over Easter

I couldn’t have been happier to spend the weekend at home this Easter. Usually months before I’d be planning my weekend, possibly taking time off to go abroad, like last year when I headed off to Crete for a fitness retreat. Me and Theo decided to spend the four days at home with his daughter Arabella. We went to the cinema, went to The Swan at Salford for a sunday roast, did some jobs around the house, and cleaned the garden up ready for the summer. It was a lovely way to spend the Easter break and I am super happy I recharged and relaxed.


Reminiscing about our trip to Sweden

I spent six days exploring a region of one of my favourite countries in the world, Sweden. We decided to head to the region for six days taking in various different sights and activities. After scouting the areas for slopes (there’s loads) we opted for a day at Mullsjö Alpin and then two days at Isaberg Mountain Resort. Both resorts differed in size, capacity and facilities, but both were great for us, a couple wanting to hit the slopes for a few days, and make the most of the resort facilities. Our visit to Store Mosse was also great, and we walked around the park taking in the nature and even visited the iconic bird tower at Naturum.

Now, we did most of these things listed over six days, however I wanted to pull together a guide for my ‘48 Hours in…’ series, so here are some options for how to spend 48 hours, but there wouldn’t be enough time to do it all. Obviously! Read all my posts from Sweden here.


Interviewing the wonderful Anna Hart

You guys know I like to confuse you – you may have seen at the end of last year I interviewed Anna Hart, aka founder of One Roof Social and blogger. By total coincidence when I was looking for people to interview for INSPIRED I thought stumbled across a lady I have been following for years now, another Anna Hart, but this Anna is a travel journalist, author and total babe. I couldn’t not interview her when the opportunity arose as she is someone I have admired for years – through her passion for adventure and story telling. Keep reading if you want to learn all about what a travel journalist really does…

Anna Hart is a globally focused writer and travel author, who regularly writes for to Conde Nast Traveller, The Guardian, Suitcase and Vogue. She’s the former Travel Editor of Stylist magazine, and current travel columnist at The Telegraph. She specialises in adventure travel and emerging destinations – spas are not her thing! Nothing annoys her more than a half-arsed massage… Her first book, DEPARTURES, is a travel memoir about her adventures as a solo female traveller is out now! Read more of the interview here.


Milton Keynes Blogger Network Jewellery Making Workshop

Despite taking a break from blogging this month I did keep my promise of an event for the networking group I have set up in Milton Keynes for fellow bloggers. I founded the group in 2016 after moving to Milton Keynes and finding the blogging scene very disconnected. I met fellow blogger Kara and twins Laura and Claire and I decided to set up the group. This month we held our sixth event, a jewellery making workshop with the lovely team at The Goldsmithy in Stony Stratford. On Saturday morning we huddled in their workshop and step-by-step they took us through the process of creating a gold ring, from the original previous metal liquid, right through to shining the ring at the end. It was a lovely morning and we were even treated to food and drinks from Cameron’s round the corner!


Spa retreat at Eden Hall with my best friend

At the beginning of the month I treated my longest friend Harriet to a spa day at Eden Hall in Lincolnshire. My friend Sophie had recommended Eden Hall a while back, telling it was even better than another spa I love and she was right, it was stunning.

Set within acres of luscious lawns this beautiful listed mansion, built in 1875 will be your sanctuary for the day. Whether you want to refresh and revive or unwind and relax, the first class facilities make sure all of your needs are met. Whatever your pampering needs, Eden Hall is the perfect, peaceful getaway and we had such a lovely day relaxing and chatting after months of being apart. Read the full post of my visit to Eden Hall here.


Trying out a new mattress with Sleep Origins

If you’ve read my blog for more than one second, you’ll know how much I love sleep. I try and sleep as much as I can, all day everyday! It is also one of my triggers for my panic attacks and anxiety, so for me it is important for both my physical and mental wellbeing. I am always keen on improving my sleeping patterns.
I ensure I get my eight hours every night, and when I don’t get the right amount of sleep I feel drained and unwell for days afterwards. It’s another reason I no longer do 6am flights! If you’re interested here are my top tips for getting a good nights sleep.

It is also National Bed Month throughout March and the team at Sleep Origins wanted to celebrate the month by sending out mattresses to sleep-deserving people. I was sent one of the Sleep Origins 25cm Ultimate Comfort Mattress with Contour 5 Technology to ensure personalised comfort for your best night’s sleep through the vertical comfort zones that contour to the natural shape of your body. Sleep Origins asked me to write a diary recording my sleep prior to getting the mattress, and during the first 7 days I slept with my new Sleep Origins mattress, here’s how I go on… Read more about my experience here.

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