Monthly Favourites – February #22

What happened to February? It’s flown by! I kicked off the beginning of the month wedding dress shopping with my mum and best friend, then I headed off on a weekend to Aberdeen and ate all the food, and met with friends Megan and Sean, before we spent a weekend celebrating Arabella’s birthday, I asked Katie to be my maid of Honour and we redecorated the bathroom. A busy, busy month! Here’s my monthly favourites for February…

Wedding dress shopping

At the beginning of February I started wedding planning by heading off to Northamptonshire for a day of wedding dress shopping. Disclaimer: I didn’t find the dress, but I did try on a number of beautiful dresses! I went to a shop I’ve driven past since I was 17 years old, with my mum, mother-in-law, best friend, sister-in-law and TO BE flower girl. There were so many beautiful dresses and I tried on a real range of dresses, fro, princess style, to boho chic, and everything in between. I also tried on dresses priced £500 and priced £2,000. But none of them felt quite right, so even though I loved the day, I am still searching. If you know anywhere really great drop me a message on Instagram!

Skiing in Méribel

A ski holiday is one of my favourite types of holiday; the mountain air, the adrenaline, and the crisp white snow beneath your feet. At the start of January I headed for a weekend break skiing in Méribel with Ski Total and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. If you didn’t know already Méribel is a ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps, situated near the town of Moûtiers and I spent four days in this magical place with fellow bloggers Sabrina from Clutch and Carry On and Macca from An Adventurous World —–> READ POST

Using my Minomug Reusable Coffee Cup

Last month the lovely lady who own Minomug got in touch to ask if I would like to try her reusable cups whilst I am on my travels. Of course I said yes and I have been loving them ever since! The reusable cups help you both save the environment and save money – every time you reuse your Minomug you are helping save the world – one cup at a time. They also come in three lovely pastel colours; pink, green and blue! The cups are high-quality and is made from products that ensure it is shatterproof and durable. The cups comes in a multi-pack of three, 1 x 16oz cup and 2 x 12oz cups. And as if that wasn’t enough they are also eco-friendly and BPA free; made with biodegradable plastics to reduce your carbon footprint on the world. 

Exploring Columbia Road Flower Market

One of my favourite things to do in London is to spend the weekend at Columbia Road Flower Market London. The market is actually named after a street located in the eats of London and has now became famous amongst both locals and tourists. The street market in Bethnal Green is a road of Victorian shops off Hackney Road in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and is open on Sundays only. Me and Theo had a spare Sunday last month so we decided to drive in to London and spend the day exploring the lesser known areas of London, including Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Brent. Columbia Road Market is London’s principal flower market devoted to selling plants, flowers, garden fittings and gardening equipment at reasonable prices and is the best flower market I’ve ever been to so it’s a must-visit if you are visiting London —–> READ POST

48 Hours in Aberdeen

Last month I headed up north for a weekend in Aberdeen with Theo! I have only ever been to Scotland once before (for Hogmanay) and I did not feel like I got to see the real Scotland. On this trip though, I really did. We spent a wonderful 48 hours exploring the wonderful city that is Aberdeen, as part of Aberdeen Restaurant Week and then we also jumped in the car we had hired to explore the highlands. We visited some castles and drank lots of beer at Brewdog. I also vlogged my trip to Aberdeen so make sure you check out my video diary from the trip too over on my YouTube channel. —–> READ POST

My Wellbeing Bucket List for 2019

I’ve already done my bucket list for travel in 2019, but I had to also include my personal wellbeing bucket list too. My blog talks a lot about travel and adventure, but another passion close to my heart is wellbeing and talking about our mental and physical health. After going through depression, panic disorder and more over the past five years, I now want to help others who are going through or have been in similar situations. Because of this, I launched THE ANXIETY FIX, a series of blog posts all about mental health and wellbeing. For the next 12 months I plan on continuing to prioritise my mental health above many other aspects of my life and I want to ensure I continue this good practice for the foreseeable future —–> READ POST

Budget-friendly destinations to visit in 2019

One of the most asked questions I get on a daily basis is “how do you afford to travel so much?” and the answer isn’t as simple as it first seems. I am not rich, not do I have a rich family, nor do I own my own business so I travel a lot for work. I simply plan my trips excruciatingly painful, so that they are the cheapest they can be, but provide me with incredible experiences. One of the biggest misconceptions people have when thinking about travel is that it is going to cost a fortune, but it really isn’t true. Travel can be cheap – and with flights from £2.99 via RyanAir it’s no surprise more and more people ar jetting off up to five times a year —–> READ POST

Redecorating the bathroom

This month we also decided to start tackling the bathroom! Since we moved in I had wanted to redecorate – it was white, and I mean white. Everything was white: the tiles, the flooring, the walls, the shower, the door. And in a cottage like ours, it always felt extremely cold. So we headed over to Pinterest for inspiration, you can see my Bathroom board here. And we got started redecorating the bathroom – we chose a patterned flooring, paints the walls to freshen them up, regrouted the tiling with grey grout, bought a new mirror, added some plants, and then added some furnishings such as a grey bath mat and black shelving. We are very nearly finished now, so I can’t wait to share the finished product with you. I have been posting about the process on my Instagram, so head over to my stories to see what we’ve been up to!

Maximise annual leave in 2019

Grab life by the horns and start ticking off those bucket list experiences. And there’s no need to quit the job, pack up your life and head to the hills. You can still travel all year round, and see those incredible places around the world, with a full-time 9-5 job. Even with only 26 days’ annual leave you can actually double your leave in 2019 using these simple organisational planning tricks —–> READ POST

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