Monthly Favourites – April #24

Hey lovely people, how was your month?

April was fairly quiet for me, I worked a lot, studied a lot and saw friends and family. I also returned from a trip to Italy and we finally booked our wedding venue. I tried on over 20 wedding dresses and still haven’t found ‘the one’. I worked at London Marathon, cheering on the amazing runners. And I went to a wedding with Theo!

So my monthly favourites are fairly home-based with lots of content going up this month around Europe breaks, reminiscing on previous trips and UK staycations! I am now preparing for a busy summer, with trips to Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, London, Lisbon and The Maldives coming up. Stay tuned for updates on Instagram! What are your plans for May? I have a busy month ahead with a trip to Cyprus with my family, the launch of a new cruise ship and a weekend at home with my best friends. Tweet me – I’d love to know what you are up to this month!


My Ultimate Guide to Copenhagen

Scandinavia has always been a favourite of mine. I’ve got family in Sweden and we used to go there once a year, and it’s my favourite places to go in search of adventure. It’s also the place I retreat to when I need a weekend of relaxing and getting back to basics. This year I headed to Sweden for a week, where I spent time hiking, skiing and exploring the national parks, and then last summer I also flew over to Copenhagen for 3 days to explore this wonderful city further. I did all my researched, booked my flights and then planned my Copenhagen itinerary, including day trips from Copenhagen, where to eat and drink and where to stay in Copenhagen. I wanted to share with you my experience of this incredibly city with my guide to 3 days in Copenhagen and I hope it will help you plan your trip here too! —–> READ POST

Getting my wardrobe ready for summer with Shein

I’ve been planning my wardrobe this month for all of my summer trips coming up and got some beautiful pieces from Shein. I took some items with me on our March trip to Italy, and I absolutely loved the Mixed Stripe Midi Smock Dress, pairing it with sandals and a shoulder bag. It was the perfect lightweight dress to wear during the spring months in Italy and was incredibly light to pack and could be dressed down for the day with trainers and dressed up in the evening with heels. Have a look at the dress here and I posted a photo of me wearing the dress on Instagram.

A Weekend Retreat in The Cotswolds

Another Friday means another weekend break, and this time I headed back to one of my favourite places in the UK, The Cotswolds. This time however I was staying at The Painswick in the south of the region for a night away with one of my friends Anastazja. You could argue that every inch of idyllic England is wrapped up in the Cotswolds with the region running through five counties and countless towns and villages. The Cotswolds is the most beautiful place I know with rolling hills, ancient woodlands, houses oozing with history, world renowned arboretums and villages built upon honey colored stone of course…

I started knitting….

When I go through stages of my life, where my anxiety is worse I am constantly looking for ways to help manage my physical and mental responses to these challenging times and often I will take up a hobby or skill which can both distract my mind from those anxious thoughts, but also provide me with a enjoyable activity. After a stressful few months with work, studying and the blog, I noticed a change in my mental health and was catapulted back in to my panic disorder when I had a panic attack on route to London. It reminded me I needed to slow down, and told me that my body was not coping. With this information I slowed down, started sleeping more, exercising and….. I took up knitting!!!! —–> READ POST

Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Manchester

Manchester is slowly becoming my favourite city in the United Kingdom, and this blog post will certainly tell you why. As with my travels, most of the time I head off on a flight to somewhere in Europe, but back in March I decided I wanted to head north for a weekend in Manchester. The city is home to football, architecture, rooftop terraces and quirky Northern Quarter. And it’s also a pretty compact city with it being possible to walk from one end of the city to the other in less than 15 minutes, and everything seems so close and accessible. Here’s my city guide to a weekend in Manchester…. —–> READ POST

The best city breaks for couples

There are a lot of different ways to get the most out of your travel experience. The kind of traveling that you really want to do is going to depend pretty significantly on the kind of person you are and the kinds of things that you really love. I’ve pulled together some of the Best City Breaks for Couples both in Europe and beyond. For some people, there really is nothing better than hitting the beach and laying on the golden sands.

For others, the best possible travel scenario has them getting off the grid entirely and experiencing all of the wonderful things that nature has to offer them. But if you really want to squeeze the absolute most you can out of any trip, particularly one that’s relatively short, there really is nothing quite like a city break. There are no other trips that allow you to pack in quite as many exciting and dynamic experiences into such a short amount of time. With that in mind, here are some of the best city break destinations in the world.

The Beginner’s Guide to Europe Interrail Routes

Fifty sovereign states. 10,180,000 sq km. 738,200,000 people. The word ‘Europe’ does little to convey the diversity found within, which can make it a bewildering place to travel. Europe is amazing and with its abundance of cultures, cuisines and access to transport, it’s no wonder every man and his wife is heading off on a two-week itinerary to Europe at the moment. It is the place to go, with the continent being as big as Europe, there being over 50+ countries to explore and cultures varying over a few hundred miles and you can use these top tips for interrailing on a budget.

Travelling is all about finding yourself in a new place and learning the culture. It doesn’t matter whether you have a few years of basic language skills from high school or you have to use a mixture of interpretive dance and enthusiastic pointing at a map to communicate; it doesn’t matter whether you have been here before a long time ago or you are a total newbie; it doesn’t matter whether you are taking a well-deserved gap year after college or a long break during retirement. Travel is still the best way to encounter the extraordinary. —–> READ POST

Maximise annual leave in 2019

Just because its April doesn’t mean you can’t still make the most of those annual leave days! Mine have just rolled over again, so I am starting to plan my annual leave for 2019/2020. Grab life by the horns and start ticking off those bucket list experiences. And there’s no need to quit the job, pack up your life and head to the hills. You can still travel all year round, and see those incredible places around the world, with a full-time 9-5 job. Even with only 26 days’ annual leave you can actually double your leave in 2019 using these simple organisational planning tricks —–> READ POST


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