Mid-week adventures with Merrell

How many of us are guilty of wasting our evenings from 5pm till 9pm sitting on our asses watching some shit TV soap and subconsciously counting down the hours and days before the weekend starts again? I certainly used to be!

So this is where my micro-adventures come in…

Having recently moved to a village, I am addicted to being outside. Most Wednesday evenings me and Theo both get home from work and we throw on our hiking boots from Merrell, lightweight jackets and Nike leggings and head out into the Buckinghamshire countryside for a walk around the surrounding villages. We usually alternate our routes, using the footpaths as a guide of where to go.

The eternal promise of freedom that the outdoors offers compels us to plan bigger and grander adventures once the weekend rolls around, and I am a firm believer that being outdoors, is not both good for our physical fitness, it is also a blessing in disguise for our mental health. It only takes me 10 minutes of walking in the countryside, before I start to forget stresses from the day at work, or to do lists that are looming for tomorrow.

Getting outside has so many incredible benefits; from get your heart beat racing, to finding quality time with your boyfriend, or family.

A micro-adventure doesn’t even need to be hiking or walking – once summer rolls around me and Theo would also like to get on the river, and hire a kayak one evening, or head down to Willen Lake on our bikes. Or if you are near the coast, why not hire a boat for the evening, and head out onto the water for a spot of fishing.

The concept is all about leaving work and getting home in time to have a mini evening adventure with the loved ones before bed. You’ll find it really changes the dynamic of family life, and your routines.

So what will you be doing on your next micro-adventure?

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