My Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Fit

Exercise sounds great and all, but when it comes to actually having to do it, that’s another story. Because most of the time, if you’re lazy like me, you can’t be arsed. It’s either too cold to run outside, too hot to run outside, too windy to run outside, or you simply can’t be bothered. Therefore I’ve put together my top tips for getting fit, if like me, you’re lazy AF.

Get moving – simply get walking more, and moving around. It’s a sure way to increase your fitness levels. Enjoyment is an important part of fitness, so find things that get you excited. Or, if you want to get stronger and discover the incredible things your body can do, you can perform bodyweight exercises. Something is better than nothing right?

  • Take up a class – The small isometric moves in barre and Pilates classes will seriously tax your muscles without disturbing your blow-dry. Bonus: If you don’t need to take a shower, you can get changed and outta the gym in double-quick time
  • Take up yoga – Improve your flexibility and improve your strength through yoga. And bonus, its also good for the mind
  • Get some fashionable gym wear you love – Whether its nipping down to Schuh and grabbing yourself some new Nike trainers for the gym, or grabbing yourself a new swimsuit and swimming goggles from Simply Swim, sometimes it can make all the different. If you feel good in your gym kit, or when your doing laps in the pool, it’s more likely to make you want to do it again
  • 30 minute sessions – Avoid the crowded gyms and create your own at-home workouts. You can do 30 minute sessions at home, whilst watching your favourite programme. E.g. create a circuit, do 10 reps, five times. Reverse lunges, push-ups, squat, plank. Stop making getting active so terrifying, and incorporate it in ways that are fun.
  • Eat better – Food is so incredibly important, more than exercise. Keeping your diet controlled is a better way to manage your fitness and weight, than going to the gym and eating all the cake
  • Get your beauty sleep – This is probably the best news ever—you’re welcome. Sleeping is a great way to burn calories, believe it or not. So even though you might roll your eyes every time someone mentions the words “beauty sleep,” they’re actually on to something
  • Get a Personal Trainer – This isn’t a cheap option, but it’s a sure fire way at getting yourself to the gym, and being pushed to your limits. Having someone shout at you to keep going is a much easier way than punishing yourself
  • Bathe in Epsom salts – Epsom salts are one of supermodels’ best-kept beauty secrets. Fans of a magnesium sulphate dip claim the salt flakes draw out toxins, and tightens the skin. Not going to help lose the pounds, but will make you feel great

*This post is in collaboration with Simply Swim.

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