INSPIRED: Scarlett Dixon – Lifestyle Blogger, fashion designer and traveller

Scarlett Dixon is not just a fashion blogger, she’s also a fashion designer, traveller and event organiser, who spends her weekends travelling the globe, and sipping cocktails on the beach with her boyfriend David. I interview Scarlett recently, after the launch of her fashion collection with Jody Bell. Scarlett is a lady of many talents and she juggles them effortlessly.

The work I do as a blogger is varied – it always keeps me on my toes! As well as updating her blog on a weekly basis and YouTube channel on a twice weekly basis, she also a freelances and is a PR and influencer Marketing Consultant which sees her run events in London with the ambition to bring the two worlds of brands and bloggers together. She is a keen traveller and despite having already visited many far-flung destinations, she still have a countless list of places on her ‘must visit’ list. (Don’t we all! Everywhere is on my list). Here is what we spoke about when we caught up last week!

How has your year been? 

The year so far has been great. It has been my first full official year as a blogger and there have been some very exciting and scary moments. With self-employment, its unpredictable nature can sometimes leave you questioning whether you made the right decision, but then all of a sudden, an amazing opportunity comes along and erases that doubt. I know I am doing the right thing for me and I embrace every moment I can.

Who knows where the blogging industry will go in the future, but I hope that whatever I’m doing in 10 years from now, I’ll be able to continue my passion for creating creative content!

You have been blogging for over six years. What was your background before starting your blog Scarlett London?

I know, I can’t quite believe that it has been that long!

I started my blog aged 17 when I was studying for my A Levels so has been by my side through lots of miles stones from break-ups and exams to moving away from home and illnesses. It’s documented all my life’s journeys and it’s a great thing to have to look back on and remember my cherished moments.

My background beforehand was pretty limited in all honesty, but I have always been a passionate writer and a keen photographer, so blogging harnessed my key loves in life and put it out for all to see on the internet! I’ve worked in PR, celebrity management, journalism and the odd waitressing job along the way too though.

What made you fall in love with the world of blogging?

I think the fact I never really met anyone like-minded growing up. I had friends at school who shared my passion for fashion and make-up but my love for writing was often seen as ‘geeky’ and I couldn’t relate to anyone.

When I set up my blog in 2011, I didn’t even know what I’d set up was called a blog! I just wanted to create an online portfolio of my writing and photography, but then I discovered this community of girls and guys who had the same interests as me, the same work ethic and the same visions for their careers.

What has been your biggest challenge in your career?

I think balancing my studies at university and my blog was one of the most difficult times. While my housemates were out partying and socialising, I was spending any free time I had outside of studying keeping my blog up to date and creating fresh weekly content. It was difficult juggling everything and I found it really hard to be hundreds of miles away from home. However, it’s all paid off – I managed to graduate with a First Class Honors degree in Journalism.

A big dream of yours was to become a fashion designer and that has come true! Tell me more about the Jody Bell collaboration!

It was always one of those dreams that I had, but had almost filed it away in the ‘never going to happen box’. That changed when I met Jody a few years ago though. We were introduced at London Fashion Week as she had kindly given me a dress to wear for an event there. We instantly clicked and kept in touch. She thought I represented her brand well, and what followed was me flying out to her home in Spain for photo-shoots and collaborations! She’s a wonderful person to work with and one of the best #girlbosses I know.

When the opportunity arose for Jody and I to create a collection together, I was thrilled. We worked tirelessly on the collection, ensuring every fine detail was just perfect. The result is a stunning collection of pastel dresses and accessories with beautiful feather detailing.

Our work paid off in September when we flew to New York to shoot the collection and showcase it at New York Fashion Week! The whole week felt as if I was living in a dream world, but it was an experience I will never forget.

So, you are a full-time blogger, you founded an event company, co-designed a fashion collection and working with brands on a consultancy basis. What is the next step for you?

I have no idea! At the moment, I’m dedicating a large amount of my time to my YouTube channel which I set up in February having always enjoyed watching other videos. I love the new dimension that video brings to your blog because ultimately, people love being able to hear your voice and get to know you more personally.


Do you have any advice for new or upcoming bloggers that want to turn their passion into a full-time occupation?

I think consistency is key and also not being afraid to let your personality shine through. There used to be a lot of focus on having a ‘niche’ but now I think the overriding factor is that YOU are the niche. So, find a topic that you are really passionate about and then showcase it on your blog and then let people invest in your personality and your interests. I think the sharing element is very important with blogging, so shout about it in any way that you can!


Many people these days struggle to maintain a good work-life balance. I know I have done in the past! What advice would you give someone who does not feel like they have it quite balanced?

Yes, I’m definitely guilty of not having a good work-life balance, especially when as a blogger your life is your work. I document my life online and so the lines between life and work are often blurred. My boyfriend is also very involved in what I do – he photographs for my blog, he travels with me, he helps with the content creation which I’m very grateful for, so, as a couple, we find it difficult to switch off and enjoy quality time together without it being work related.

So, I’m not the best person to answer this as I am still trying to find my balance but try to find time, if only an hour a day, to do something for you. Do some yoga, listen to music or cook up a treat in the kitchen because a good work/life balance is important.

You are always on the move travelling to wonderful stylish places! Where will your next trip be taking you?

Travelling is one of the best things about blogging, there is so much of the world I get to see! Plus, I get so much inspiration from other blogs about where to go, I think blogging really has changed the travel scene entirely.

My next trip is to Tenerife with Jet2Holidays in November. I’m super excited to have a lovely girly pampering break – and a bit of Winter Sun! I’ll be shooting lots of content while I’m out there too!

I love being nosy! What are your essential carry on products?

I always carry a hydrating mist and a moisturiser with me because my skin seems to get SO dry especially on long haul flights. Anything with rosehip or rosewater is usually fabulous for my skin type and sometimes if I have time, I’ll pop into La Mer at Heathrow Airport World Duty Free for a quick pre-flight facial – it helps me relax before any flight.

I also always ensure I have some kind of snack with me, because I have a million dietary requirements and sometimes there isn’t something suitable for my needs on the plane!

And finally, I ask everyone this, who is your ultimate travel partner?

My boyfriend is my favourite person to travel with because I love sharing the experience with him.

I know it sounds cliché, but he is my best friend and it feels incredible to travel round the world as a duo! However, my blogger friend, Em Sheldon, is also a fabulous travel companion not only because she shares my love of taking a million pictures (and stop en route anywhere to get the perfect snap) but she’s also an amazing planner and she’ll have researched local places that are recommended, before we even arrive.

You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic trip if she’s on board! Plus she’s very well-travelled and her blog will inspire your own wanderlust!

Thank you to Scarlett for chatting with me! If you want to read more about her blog, and her collaboration with Jody Bell visit her website.

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