Beat Jet Lag + Wake Up Fresh

How to beat jet lag? Something you may ask yourself every time you fly. Jet lag is just one those things that science says you have to suffer from when travelling long haul and even thought you may not be able to ‘cure’ you certainly can manage it and make its effects slightly less obvious on you physically and mentally. Here are my top tips to staying fresh…


Actually get some sleep497736998_7b692c5a3f_z

It may sound silly but when you’ve got 1000’s of films you could watch and even more catch up series of Friends right in front of you it is hard to nod off. The more you can try and sleep the better you’ll feel when you wake up and step in to reality again.


Brush those tegs!

No one feels nice when their breath smells, so clean those teeth so a quick fix cleansing. Makes you feel so much cleaner after brushing!


Invest in essentials

Make sure you actually do invest in those travelling essentials for flying such s ear plugs, travel pillows socks and an eye mask. You may look silly with them all on and look like a typical traveller but it’ll make getting sleep so much easier.


Choose your seat carefully

Choose a seat which is perfect for you, whether you like the window or the isle, pick one where you feel most comfortable. Make sure you check in early to avoid being stuck in the middle of four people and feeling the pain as you ask them to move as you need another toilet break.


Drink lots of water8036093423_a486b064ea_z

Keep hydrated for your immune system, health, sleeping and skin. All feels better if you stay hydrated.


And don’t hit the booze

You may feel tempted by the free booze aspect of long haul flights but don’t be stung and stay away unless you feel it’ll send you to sleep. There is nothing worse than waking up after a long haul and suffering from jet lag AND a hangover.


Keep entertained

Read your favourite book, listen to music or watch a film (keep in mind point one) but stay entertained, there is nothing worse than getting claustrophobic on a flight and keeping busy will enable that doesn’t happen. You can’t go anywhere so get comfy and have a cup of tea!



Apparently 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 7 hours sleep? I’m in.


Keep moisturised

Use that Nivea moisturiser and top it up every few hours. It’ll make you feel better trust me! And also carry wet wipes and face wipes to have a ‘clothes-on’ wash when you land.


Don’t sleep when you landdownload

I mean it, don’t sleep! Try and struggle through the first day and then sleep that night, get in to your new routine as soon as you land. I land in NZ at 14.30 so will be attempting to stay awake till the night time in order to swing back in to a routine which will ultimately get rid of the jet lag quicker.


Take your own food

Obviously eat the airplane food but also take your own if you can. Airplane food lacks in nutrients and healthy vitamins that you need to recover so try to eat well the day before or whilst you are travelling.



Get stretching, stand up and get ready for the other side. Keeps those legs moving throughout the flight and keep the blood moving around the body.


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