Fuelling for Winter with The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.

My favourite product this month has been frozen deliveries from the wonderful team at The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. It was founded by Vikesh Kotecha and his mum Neeta, and because Vikesh was suffering from some digestive issues, it was recommended that he try smoothies. He found that they had a hugely positive effect on his health and energy levels so decided to set up the company.

The Honestly Good Smoothie Co.

The Honestly Good Smoothie Co recipes are expertly formulated by a chef (Blake Bowden), and a nutritionist, with balance and sustainability as their top priorities. Forget the predictable ‘apple and banana’ smoothies – Honestly Good smoothies incorporate all sorts of weird and wonderful fruit, veg, nuts, herbs, seeds & superfoods that you might not usually see in a smoothie, such as cauliflower, sumac, maca root powder, baobab, cacao nibs, broccoli, kelp powder, hemp protein, tofu, dried mulberries, and sweet potato.

I recently tried a selection of their smoothies, here are my favourites, what’s in each of them (ingredients) and why they’re good for you…


The South American One

90g pineapple
80g broccoli
70g cucumber
60g blueberry
1 tbsp. chia seeds
2tsp macqui berry
1tsp camu powder

Pineapple, blueberry, avocado, and Broccoli combine in this taste sensation to give you powerful health benefits. Packed full of vitamin C, fibre, potassium, and antioxidants (particularly Superfoods blueberry and broccoli) This powerful combination works on heart health, cholesterol, blood pressure, eye health and help your body absorb nutrients from other foods better.


Green Clean Protein

70g Tofu
60g white grapes
60g broccoli florets
50g garden peas
50g curly kale
1tbsp pea protein
1tbsp milled flax seeds
1tsp Spirulina

Super foods broccoli and Kale unite! Both are super at fighting inflammation with anti oxidants, protecting heart health, eyes and aiding digestion. You’re probably not even thinking about Peas but don’t underestimate these little powerhouses of nutrition. Packed full with fibre, protein and micronutrients you’ll get energy, a strong immune system and anti ageing goodness. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds support healthy blood vessels and reduce homocysteine levels which are a factor for heart disease. We think Peas just earned their stripes as a super food too.

So along with a disease fighting Trio we’ve added Tofu which is a good source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. It’s also an excellent source of iron, calcium and minerals helping you fight free radicals and heart disease. Sweet Grapes like the mighty pea have a range of health benefits from treating indigestion to kidney disorders and are full of powerful flavonoids to slow ageing and fight free radicals. A handful of cashews round off the taste with heart health benefits, antioxidants and important fats.


Wake me up!

80g Sweet Potato
70g Strawberries
70g Granny Smith Apple
40g Rhubarb
20g Almonds
10g Mulberries
2tsp Red Maca Root

Apples, strawberry and rhubarb sweetens up the hearty sweet potato base for an energising boost. Rhubarb offers loads of Vitamin C , fibre and protein all helping circulation, heart, brain and bone health. Not only are the strawberries delicious, they’re a bona fide superfood, too. Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C),they offer a wide range of health benefits and wrinkle-prevention too! Apples keep your heart and brain healthy with immune system boosting powers. Sweet Potato adds in more Vitamin C as well as Vitamin D for healthy bones, iron for proper immune function, magnesium and potassium combine to beat stress and regulate heart beat. Helping you get energy to breeze through your day without feeling the stress.


The Christmas One

100g Butternut Squash
90g Granny Smith Apples
80g sliced banana
10g cashews
10g pumpkin seeds
10g chia seeds
1tsp Amchur
1tsp cinnamon

Banana and Apple give a sweetness to the squash and whilst we love bananas and apples for the benefits we’re going to dedicate this space to Super food Squash. It can help to improve the quality of your sight, boost skin health, strengthen the immune system, manage symptoms of diabetes, build strong bones, protect heart health, reduce symptoms of insomnia, prevent inflammatory conditions, treat arthritis, eliminate ulcers, eliminate parasites and infections, increase prostate health, boosts respiratory health, and reduces blood pressure.


**I was gifted product, but all views are my own.

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