My Favourite Places to Eat in Småland

Swedish food is one of my all time favourite cuisines, due to it’s fresh produce, interesting flavours and array of textures. Whilst Sweden now has all the restaurants we have in the UK, it’s interesting to discover new places to eat every time I visit Sweden. I especially love Småländska Isterband which is a sausage with a creamy sauce and new potatoes – YUM!


Dining at Syltan in Vandalorum

Vandalorum is a museum for regional, Swedish and international contemporary art and design. The museum was founded by the artist association Smålands Konstnärsförbund and Småland’s Art Archive, with Sven Lundh as the primary initiator and representative for the artists. Vandalorum opened in April 2011, and was built according to an original design by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. It was inspired by local building traditions and especially by the monumental drying barn that once stood on the site.

Located inside the wonderful design museum that is Vandaorlum, Syltan is a wonder of traditional Swedish food meets modern cuisine. Restaurant Syltan is an attraction in itself that strengthens the unique experience of visiting Vandalorum offering high-quality ingredients and local produce. It offers a wide selection of both pastries and desserts, as well as Swedish dishes such as Småländska Isterband from Örserum served with creamed new potatoes, jam of beetroot and cider vinegar mustard. This dish was utterly incredible! And other dishes included fresh pasta served with pesto on almonds, smoked Serrano ham, herbs from the garden, tomatoes and parmesan, or fresh smoked salmon served with cream of dill, with new potatoes and summer vegetables.

Skulpturvägen 2, 331 24 Värnamo, Sweden



In the dense forests of Småland, with a wonderful view of lake Algustorpasjön and with the River Nissan running through its grounds, Hestraviken hotel stands, like an idyll, with its beautiful garden, small red timbered houses and the splendid yellow manor dating from the early 1900. We ate here on one of the evenings we were down skiing at Isaberg and we really enjoyed our meal. The meal was less Swedish and more modern cuisine, but the food was incredible. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere almost as if you were visiting a beautiful home, where everything has its personal touch. There are Small charming dining rooms, lounges, a bar and a veranda designed as a pleasant winter garden with a open fireplace. The kitchen is the heart of Hestraviken and surprises with beautiful dishes prepared with a high ambition. Fresh seasonal ingredients that are from the neighborhood and nature’s own pantry. The cuisine has roots in the Swedish tradition and inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.

Hestraviken Villa 3, 335 03 Hestra


RC Grill 

At the RC Grill restaurant there’s something for all tastes, whether you’re hungry after training or are eating dinner with colleagues. As the hotel is focused around sport and exercise, their speciality is healthy food and grilled dishes of every variety including lots of meats, vegetable dishes and smoothies. The restaurant is located at the heart of the complex and seats 150 guests in a dining room setting. We ate here on the night we arrived in Sweden as we were also staying upstairs in the hotel. Not only was it super easy to grab dinner, the food was also incredible. We met for dinner with our host Camilla and all three of us got the Grilled Swedish Oxfilet with new potatoes and three kinds of pepper sauce.

Mässvägen 6, 534 54 Jönköping, Sweden


Restaurant Höganloft

Located in the central complex, Restaurant Höganloft is a highly regarded restaurant offering everything from daily specials to delicious menus and party arrangements. Here you have the possibility to try the food of Småland, such as potato pancakes with fried pork and lingonberries. We dined here after a long day skiing on the slopes at Isaberg Mountain Resort and being only 1km from our hotel, it made grabbing dinner super easy. The restaurant was really lovely with a great atmosphere, and the food was also great. I opted for the Inferno Pizza with Salami, garlic, hot jalapenos, paprika, tomato sauce and cheese, whilst Theo went for the Höganloft Beef fillet with potatoes, red onion, dijon and horseradish cream and egg yolk served in one Wüsthof Boiler.

Isaberg Fritidsby, 330 27 Hestra, Sweden



On our last night in Sweden we headed back in to Jönköping for dinner with our family friends who live just outside the city and they recommended eating out at a lovely restaurant called Soya. They serve a Mongolian Asian cuisine, cooked fresh in front of you by wonderful chefs in an open kitchen. The concept is also eat as much as you can, and you pick the meat, and vegetable options from a buffet before heading to the open kitchen and giving your plate to the chefs. You wait whilst they cook it for you, and then head back to your table once it’s cooked. We loved this idea as it gave us a lot of flexibility and the food was great!

Västra Storgatan 12, 553 15 Jönköping, Sweden

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