My favourite childhood holiday with Red Letter Days #MakingMemories

A few weeks back the lovely team at Red Letter Days asked me what my favourite memory with my parents was from my childhood. At first I couldn’t think of just one, but after a long consideration I decided on our annual road trips to France! #MakingMemories is a celebration of the best memories we have shared, including ones with our mums and dads. Those special memories all go towards helping define us as the people we are today.

They asked me to write a short paragraph for them to include in their blog post here, but I thought it might be nice to extend on what I sent them and put together a bit of a longer post about my childhood holidays. I will start with the one I eventually chose to share with Red Letter Days…


My most memorable moments with my parents were taking our annual road trips to France when I was younger. My family had friends that lived in France, just south of Paris and throughout my childhood from the ages of 6-13 we would drive down to the Eurotunnel each summer and take a two to three-week road trip around France.

Sometimes we headed down to the south of the country and visited Toulouse and Montpellier, and then we would head back up to the Northern end of the country to visit our friends near Orleans, Provins and Melun. We would explore the local area, visit traditional French cafes, take day trips to Disneyland Paris and also head in to Paris itself some days.

france1 (1) FRANCE1

But the days I remember the most are the days we spent at our family friends. They had kids of similar age to me and my brother and we would get up early and play till late. We would run off in to the village and pick up baguettes in the morning from the bakers and then grab lunch from the butchers. In the afternoons we would just be allowed to roam free and go in to the fields at the back of their house, playing through the corn fields pretending to be explorers.

We felt so safe, so at ease and so happy! It is only when you look back on moments like this when you are grateful you lived in an age where your childhood didn’t revolve around iPhones, iPads, movies, Facebook and TV.

Provins france3

We would also learn a lot about the country, trying new foods and meeting wonderful people on the way.

I may not have enjoyed snails or frogs’ legs but we had lots of laughs! It will always stick in my head as one of my most cherish memories with my family.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, Check out the other bloggers stories over on the RLD blog! I also took a trip to Champneys last weekend with Red Letter Days, book yours here.



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