How to Eat Healthy on Holiday

One of the best things about travelling is undoubtedly the food, but it always means returning from holiday a stone heavier than on your way out. You come home feeling bloated, and full of bread, cheese and wine. And you’ll find your fitness levels have dropped too, despite the long walks and laps of the pool. So I have made it my mission this summer to eat healthy and exercise whilst I am away.

1. Steer away from the buffet
Choose what you are going to eat the night before, so that when you go down the next morning you aren’t tempted to pick up four pastries, and a full english breakfast. Have an omelette, or fruit and yoghurt!

2. Have control
Remind yourself how you feel when you return from holiday usually, and that should give you a little bit of control. Whether that’s a small or a large glass of wine… try to have control, and you can manage this by not getting distracted, and concentrate on the food you are eating. Oh and chew!

3. Stay active!
Just like at home, make sure you don’t scrap the exercise all together. Yes spend most of your time on a sun bed relaxing, but why not go for an early morning run, go to the hotel gym or do a workout in the garden. Once it’s done, then you can get on with your day! And walk, walk everywhere…

4. Make the most of sleep
Get as many zzz’s as you can whilst you are on holiday, and catch up with sleep. It’s the perfect time to get an early night, or have a lie. And sleep is incredibly good for your health, mental health and creativity. It can also lessen anxiety, and curbs cravings for sugar. WIN WIN.

5. Stay hydrated
Drink, drink, drink. And I mean water, not wine. It’s the best thing to curb your hunger when you’ve had a full breakfast, and lunch is around the corner. Don’t snack on rubbish and instead up the water intake, especially if you’re on holiday somewhere hot. Often we mistake thirst for hunger, so you may end up eating more if you’re dehydrated.

6. Choose your drinks wisely
Wine is calorific, as is beer, but a gin and slimline tonic is not. Opt for drinks with less calories, and you could be finding yourself just as drunk, without the bloated belly, and sugar rush!

What are your top tips for staying healthy on holiday? Read about my guide to Vilamoura here.

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