12 Insider Tips to Know Before Your First Cruise


Whether you’ve been on one cruise or fifty, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to planning, packing and preparing for your time on board a cruise ship. I have been cruising three times over the years and loved every moment, even (weirdly) when we were in the middle of the Med in a hurricane! I love the feeling of waking up in a new country every day and exploring a new place.

1. Make new friends – cruising is the perfect time to meet the people also on your cruise. They will be of all ages, all backgrounds and will be people who will have so many stories to tell. And you will then make friends for life, of whom you can visit whenever you travel to others places around the world.

2. Take a cardigan – even in the Caribbean it can get cold in the evenings and also indoor restaurants with AC on!

3. Order an in room breakfast – pop the breakfast menu on your door the night before and wake up to breakfast in bed the next day. No more circling the buffet breakfast the next morning. Tip: don’t order it in the morning – you’ll be waiting hours!


4. Pack an empty bag – for all your treats, presents and gifts!

5. Formal nights – Before you pack at home find out how many formal nights there are on board and pack accordingly.

6. Take a notebook – it may be old school but the camera could break, the iPhone could error and you’ll be left with nothing to remind you the places you ate, the countries you visited (obviously you’ll have the memories!)

7. Seasick? – If you feel sickness coming on, eat a green apple —and the sickness will go away almost immediately. Sucking on a lemon slice will quickly remedy seasickness, too.

8. All aboard – Take a photo of the boarding time to get back on the boat before you leave for the day. No one wants to be the one who is running by the dock as the boat leaves…


9. Take a swim suit – no matter if you are off to Antarctica, Amsterdam or Austria – you may need it!

10. Pack a walkie talkie – it isn’t as daft as it sounds but if you are in a big group or with the family, phones wont always be possible to use and instead you can keep in contact on these huge ships with walkie talkie!

11. Be organised – when you are in port be organised and know where you want to go or visit. You won’t have long in each port so make sure you make the most of it!

12. Go off the beaten track – don’t stick to the arranged tour groups on every stop and instead make your own way around a stop. You will get to see the real side of the place you are visiting.


I was onboard Princess Cruises Crown Princess cruise around the Mediterranean from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy taking place over 7 Days | 4 Ports of Call. Staterooms start at £849.99. For more cruise deals click here.


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*This is a collaboration with Bolsover Cruise Club but as always I only endorse brands and products I adore!

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