THE ANXIETY FIX: Family Yoga at Whitespace Yoga

If you’ve followed my blog for more than a week you’ll know how much importance I put on my own mental health, as well as those around me. I am incredibly passionate about wellbeing and improving our mental health at all points in our life, both when we feel down and when we feel happy.

And it’s never too early to start either, so I’ve been really excited to be able to take Arabella along to yoga classes with me at Family Yoga at Whitespace Yoga. I love how involved she gets in the classes, finding her feet, being present and learning new skills such as balancing. And yoga is also great for us adults, it improves sleep, improves memory and makes us feel happier. 

In the Family Yoga at Whitespace Yoga, there is lots of laughter and fun alongside learning about yoga and its principles. The session is energetic and exciting with activities to keep parent and child entertained for the 90 minute duration of the class. During the class we also did partner work, light-hearted meditations, breathing practices to calm the mind and body and even a little bit of singing.

The class also helped us spend time together 1:1 – getting to know each other better, and letting both parents and kids to relax in each other’s presence. We certainly went home afterwards feeling rejuvenated, fully stretched and glowing hearts! It’s a tradition me and Arabella have now decided to keep doing during 2019 and I can’t wait to join the next one!


Who’s it for?

Family Yoga is open to everyone – kids 5-15 years, mums, dads, grandma’s, grandpa’s and everyone in between. Due to the length of this class, the session is not recommended for under 5’s.

Workshop dates

Saturday 19th January
2.30pm – 4pm


1 adult, 1 child – £10.80 or £12
1 adult, 2 children – £16.20 or £18
1 adult, 3 children – £21.60 or £24
2 adults, 1 child – £16.20 or £18
2 adults, 2 children – £21.60 or £24
2 adults, 3 children – £27 or £30

*I was invited to try the class as part of a review but we loved it so much we will be going back every other month!

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    Can I come?

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    Love her.

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