7 Reasons to Book a Cruise This Summer

As you may know already I love a cruise. I’ve been on two now, one around the Med and one recently around the British Isles, and I am planning a third for sometime next year. Nowadays, the number of destinations you can reach in the world with very little effort is amazing and countries such as New Zealand are now only a flight (or two) from home.

However once you land at your selected destination you needn’t stay put or only travel by car or train, instead opt for a cruise, as it is the perfect way to explore an area of the world in a short amount of time. Remote parts of the world are accessible with a cruise like never before, giving you and me the chance to explore new places every single day and learn about new cultures.

There are some amazing luxury and last-minute cruise deals which are not only great value; they also give you the opportunity to visit multiple destinations in one trip. And if you hate flying, cruising is also a great way to keep travelling, as you can also go on a cruise that sails from Southampton. Here are 7 reasons to book a cruise this summer….

There is a cruise for everybody

If you think a cruise isn’t for you, think again. There are so many different kinds of cruises, meaning that with a little research, you’ll find one that perfectly suits your style. With such a variety on offer, they are becoming an ever-more popular choice for younger people. Whether you want a romantic cruise with you and your other half, or a chilled out, luxury cruise with your friends for a summer holiday, there are so many choices. If you’re a lover of all things Disney, the Disney cruise has got to be a top priority, or if you’d rather see somewhere unique, some cruises even go to the Antarctic.

Multiple destinations in one trip

Italy? Mexico? Australia? Canada? So much choice! Cruises mean you can see multiple destinations in one trip. Some of the bigger, more expensive cruises even take you from continent to continent. This means one morning you could be saying “Hola” in Mexico, then saying “Ni hao” in Shanghai just a few days later. However, the destinations don’t always have to be far apart. For example, you can jump on a week-long cruise visiting Greece, giving you the opportunity to explore Athens and the gorgeous, colourful island of MykonosCruises are perfect for visiting multiple places in one go. If you find that you fall in love with one particular country, you could decide to go there for your next holiday. I know I am certainly a cruise fan, who wouldn’t fancy waking up in a different country every day? 

Last-minute deals offer incredible value

Last-minute cruises offer some outstanding value for money. It’s important to note that most cruises are all-inclusive with food, accommodation and on-board luxuries, such as a swimming pool, gym (it’s important to stay fit while travelling), entertainment and often flights to and from the port. If you’re a keen traveller and just want to experience the world at a moment’s notice, last-minute cruise deals also mean you can set off to a myriad of destinations at the drop of a hat — and for a price that you won’t believe.

Less planning, less stress

Do you hate planning travel itineraries? There are some people who can pick up a map of a country, look at a few online articles and create a route and things to do in no time all. Other people don’t like planning so much and prefer to have things organised for them. Are you the latter kind of traveller? If so, a luxury cruise is ideal for you. You don’t need to worry about visas or finding the best places to stay or things to see; all of this is taken care of. Many cruise offers include plenty of on-deck activities, as well as a schedule of things to do once you reach shore and set the anchor down for a while.

One Room for Two Weeks

Travelling around Europe, South America or any other destination is always exciting. However, lugging your backpack or suitcase from one place to the next can be tiring. For those looking to settle down, a cruise gives you the chance to unpack once and have one room for the whole length of the trip. Single rooms are becoming more and more frequent on luxury cruises, so if you’re keen to have your own space after long days seeing new things and meeting new people, a luxury cruise can offer exactly that.

Flexible Time Frames, Destinations and Budgets

If you’ve got a spare $155,000, why not book a trip on the world’s longest cruise? The cruise set sail from Miami in January and is heading to all seven continents in 357 days!  Sadly, I don’t think many of us have this kind of money for that luxury cruise. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if you’ve only got a weekend, there are some short cruises which take you to must-see European destinations. Apart from the odd decadent, long-term trip, cruises are no longer only an option for the wealthy. Whatever your budget and time frame, there are definitely destinations and cruise deals you can opt for.

Opportunity to Meet New People

Cruises are ideal for the solo traveller, as there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. You can meet like-minded travellers on board who want to head to the same destination as you, enjoying the same luxuries the cruise has to offer. Spending time away from the shore (and from home luxuries like too much television or texting) gives you a chance to get to know people with next to no distractions. Now more than ever, cruises are used by solo travellers, so you can expect to meet new people who are just as excited about seeing the world via a luxury cruise as you are.

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