THE ANXIETY FIX: 5 Ways to Show Yourself More Love

OK, so before I start, what even is self love?! Personally, I would say it’s being able to eliminate and overcome the feeling that you’re not worthy of anything, whether this in your relationships, career, friendships, or in the blogging world. To really self love you must appreciate your being, your mind and your body – to appreciate the person you are, both the bad and the good.

Here are five ways you can show yourself more love:


Stop with the comparison 

I do this one every single darn day. I compare myself to my friends, my colleagues, my fellow bloggers, and even though some comparison is good for our motivation, too much is detrimental to our successes in life. By being too aware of everyone else, we stunt our own growth. You only have to go on social media to start comparing yourself to others, and I know we all do it to each other, with Instagram providing us with that ‘perfect life’ we all aspire to have but feel is out of our reach.


Treat yourself

Every week, spend an evening pampering yourself, or treating yourself. It could be buying that killer pair of heels you want, getting the takeaway you’ve been craving all week, running yourself a bath or even buying yourself a bunch of flowers. I try and do all of these things once a week in order to show myself some love and respect for how hard I work and how much I value my own mental health.


Write a self love list

Every Sunday why not write a list of qualities or things you love about yourself or your life. This is also known as a gratitude journal, and will encourage you to appreciate your traits, personality and aspects of your life, you may ordinarily ignore or overshadow with negative thoughts.


Be a priority in your own life 

Throughout my early 20’s I constantly put others ahead of my own sanity, I would put myself in situations that made me anxiety and panic disorder worse, and not easier. Then something clicked when I was 24 when I decided to fuck everyone else, and concentrate on myself. Since then I have managed my mental health better, and become a better person overall. Maybe it is as simple as saying yes to less things that don’t actually make you happy, maybe it’s going to bed earlier or maybe organising your life above anyone else. Being selfish isn’t a negative trait, it’s putting yourself first.


Speak to yourself as you’d speak to others

The way I speak to myself has always been a downfall for me. I would speak with love and affection for others, but when it came to supporting myself or empathising with my own emotions I would always be really tough on myself, as if I didn’t deserve the affection. This negative talk will always, always, make us feel worse. We cannot rely on others to make us feel better and instead must find the voice from within to praise, encourage and support.



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