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Regular readers will know that I am only 24, even if I do feel old before my time. I would much prefer an early night watching a film with a cup of tea than a night on the tiles but the end of 2016 made me think about what else I would like to do and achieve by the time I am 25, next July.

This last year has been a year or triumphs and tribulations, sadness and happiness, alongside losses and gains. I’m determined to make my 25th year all about the good stuff, and to help me along the way, I’ve compiled a list of 25 things I want to do before I am 25…

1. Make more time for my family and friends (those are the moments you will remember not those sat watching TV or working…)

2. Take on more freelance work – I have done a few bits and bobs this year but would like to get more consistent work

3. Get a proper exercise routine and stick to it!

4. Visit Iceland and explore this stunning island

5. Go skiing again, and learn how to snowboard properly (I tried last year but need more practice)

6. Improve my photography skills – and book onto a course!

7. Visit at least three new places abroad, and revisit some old faves

8. Treat my friends and family – I want them all to know how much I love them

9. Explore more of the UK – I really want to squeeze in more local city breaks this year (see my other trips from Newcastle and Bath)

10. Give YouTube a proper go! I dabbled this year but next year I really want to give it a proper go and get some loyal subscribers

11. Visit the Colosseum in Rome (this has been somewhere I have wanted to visit for years!)

12. Get a house, well a deposit first, then a house

13. Take an outdoor bath in Budapest

14. Learn how to code….

15. Get a dog. I need my chocolate labrador called Brian at least by next winter

16. Learn to meditate properly and stick at it

17. Get out of my comfort zone – watch this space!

18. Grow my social channels to 10K followers on each

19. Do something special for my boyfriend – you guys can help me with this one!

20. Buy a new camera, I have a DSLR but I want to get a more compact portable camera, maybe a Lumix or Olympus PEN?

21. Continue practising my CBT and challenging thoughts

22. Work with more travel brands to create interesting content for my blog

23. Go to Disneyland – never had this urge until recently so why not do it before I lose the inspiration again

24. Go on a yoga retreat with strangers!

25. Do 12 countries in 12 months (That’s possible right!?)


So there we have it, my 25 by 25 list. I really hope that I can achieve all of this within the next eight months! Wish me luck….

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  • Addie Gray
    12/21/2016 at 05:28

    Sounds like a great list! I invested in a Lumix this summer and it was SO worth it. Beautiful pictures and I’m no longer breaking myself lugging around a giant DSLR anymore. Weekend breaks exploring more of the UK are definitely on the list too – I’m hoping to take my boyfriend up to the highlands for his birthday 🙂

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