How to Plan a Luxury Holiday on a Budget


Not everybody expects the same thing from their luxury holiday. For some, it might mean spending time in an all-inclusive resort or sipping the best wines on a great beach; for others, it means going away for a long period, even if it means backpacking, or being able to experience the best a city has to offer. No matter what luxury means to you, if you want to experience it during your holiday without spending a small fortune, here are some ways to make it happen. Here’s how to plan a luxury holiday on a budget…


Book services that will make you feel like royalty

You’d be surprised how much difference a few affordable services can make to the holiday you are preparing. Starting with some that you can benefit from even before boarding your flight! To begin your journey why not drop off the car at the airport and leave it with a chauffeur to park. You will begin your holiday far more relaxed and ready to jet off. Meet and Greet services allow you to do just that, and it’s not as expensive as you might think (especially if you book in advance). Have a look at  for great deals on airport parking spaces and big discounts if you reserve your spot in advance.
Grab a glass of champagne

Booking an airport lounge can also be a wise investment. You’ll get to use these spacious rooms separated from the rest of the travellers and relax before your flight. In most lounges, you get access to a buffet, a bar, unlimited Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines. If you are going to be at the airport for a few hours, it might be cheaper to book a lounge instead of buying meals, drinks, Wi-Fi access and reading material from different airport shops.

Reserve your seat ahead of time

Air travel isn’t always the most comfortable, so add a bit of luxury to your flight by reserving your seat. This way, you’ll be able to choose where you want to sit, be it at the front of the plane so you can be one of the first passengers to leave the aircraft after landing, or at an exit row so you have a bit more room for your legs. You know I don’t like flying very much, so here’s something I’ve learned: the seats right above the wings are more stable, so you feel turbulence less. With enough leg room and fewer bumps, you can upgrade your trip for just a few extra pounds.

Do some “smart” research into different destinations

Sure, most of us read travel guides or look at photos of destinations on social channels before deciding where to travel next. But if you really want to research the smart way, take the time to check the exchange rate of your currency against the currency of the country you want to visit. You’ll be able to get much better accommodation and services for the same amount if you visit a country with a weaker currency compared to yours – conversely, opting for a country with a stronger currency means you’re likely to get less for your money.


Travel away from the tourist destinations

If you feel adventurous, find the up and coming travel locations that are not yet flocked with tourists. With the number of travellers steadily increasing globally, many places become mainstream in a matter of years now. Lonely Planet publishes an annual list of the best upcoming places to visit. By picking one of these, you have higher chances of visiting a place unspoilt by tourism that will cost you much less than most popular destinations.

Travel at the right time

If you can travel outside of the main touristic season, do it! Booking a trip just a few weeks before or after the date you had planned can sometimes save you lots of money. What is known as the “shoulder season”, just before or after the main touristic season, yields some great deals for practically the same experiences as during the main season. Time to book that suite for the price of a regular room!

Luxury holiday is a state of mind, not just a price tag. Give yourself enough time to research and plan your holiday and you’ll be able to organise a luxury getaway without emptying your bank account. I hope you liked my travel hacks – let me know if you’d like more of these!